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Pillow Kitten

Pillow Kitten


Increases the Master's attack ability, and damages and silences enemies.

Stats Boost

Physical Attack Boost10%13.3%16.7%20%23.3%26.7%30%
Magic Attack Boost22%29.3%36.7%44%51.3%58.7%66%
Health Boost17%22.7%28.3%34%39.7%45.3%51%


Cat Power

Cat Power

Pillow Kitten raises his owner’s Physical and Magic attack damage after 10 seconds of them being on the battlefield. (Can only be used once per battle)

at level 40Duration 10.9 secondsIncrease Physical Attack by 5950 while ability is activeIncrease Magic Attack by 6000
Speak Up

Speak Up

When Pillow Kitten's owner uses their ultimate, fires a series of three pillow fish at randomly chosen enemies, dealing major magic damage, knocking back, and silencing them. (Can only be used once per battle).

at level 40Increases damage by 36650Duration 8.92 seconds