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Supports their master by giving them a speed boost.

Stats Boost

Physical Attack Boost7%9.3%11.7%14%16.3%18.7%21%
Magic Attack Boost3%4%5%6%7%8%9%
Health Boost7.5%12%12.5%15%17.5%20%22.5%


Fox Spirit

Fox Spirit

When their masters health is less than 30%, Mika gives them increased Physical Armor, and allows them to recover some Health. (Limit once per wave).

at level 40Accumulates 11920 Health Increase Physical Armor by 800
Beast Within

Beast Within

When their master uses his or her ultimate, Mika gives them increased Physical Attack, as well as a speed boost. (Limit once per wave).

at level 40Increase Physical Attack by 1986 while ability is activeIncrease Attack Speed by 35%

Recommended Heroes

Back Line

ArtifactAwakeningCampaignArenaGladiator ArenaCrucible of FireHall of LegendsProphecy PoolSky FortressChaos TowerRaid
BaltorBone Crusher23323212322
FranzicopterDeath on Wings33333412232
GaleMystic Runner322214222
MagnusDwarven Sniper32455312543
MasuruThe Nimble Touch33555333543
MirahDragon Born33445313542
SlimOutlaw Marksman23312213222
UrestagCentaur Ranger211212221
VenarysMaster of Weapons3322213321

Middle Line

ArtifactAwakeningCampaignArenaGladiator ArenaCrucible of FireHall of LegendsProphecy PoolSky FortressChaos TowerRaid
AlanaDark Assassin2211111221
AquaWater Warrior3211111221
BloodspearThe Tribal Commander212223223
ChronaTime Traveller33334314433
CyborgBionic Man3334213422
Dr. ZenoSupreme Intellect21211213222
EtheraAlien Being32322314322
IrisSpecter of Judgment3445411343
KaneqArctic Explorer32323212321
KongMonkey King31422214322
LeahElite Headhunter211211122
LuciusDeath Seer222211221
LucyFirewing Knight3545355445
MechanaRobot Monk3445322442
Ms PaineChainrunner3444424344
NagariDeep Sea Hunter3534434344
NightshadeNight Walker33345313432
RakashThe Bloodthirsty33545455545
RodanRuthless Mercenary33445352445
SaryaFearless Rider31455313454
UrsulaPaper Doll33555535544
VenusThe Goddess of Beauty2344452442

Front Line

ArtifactAwakeningCampaignArenaGladiator ArenaCrucible of FireHall of LegendsProphecy PoolSky FortressChaos TowerRaid
AdusThe Drunk Monk32334214321
AladarThe Haunted Fencer3455312232
AldredGreat Protector3555212441
AmrielThe Angel of Justice2445455535
AquamanThe King of the Seven Seas3555323542
AryehJustice Ironfist3455412452
BahamutThe Titan Dragon2455314433
BatmanDark Knight3434315443
CharlotteThe Umbrellarina3535524453
CrusherStone Colossus2222213221
DalthuBlade Master33435415453
DarkoidDesorei the Warrior3445412444
DinaDino Girl22323212321
DragoOrcish Conqueror322212321
DrillerUtility Unit3222214323
EladorDark Ranger33434312332
ElricElven Knight2322212221
EmeraldiaThe Arbitress3555423553
EsabelVengeful Vanquisher222211221
EzioTemplar's Scourge3322215322
FuzzyThe Fierce Claw3445545555
GeorgThe Ravaging Razorback3445313542
GoramChaos Rider33555432554
GromokThe Beserker21324312321
GusKung-Fu Master1211211221
HanzoUnknown Slayer211213221
LarsSawblade Guardian32323213221
LeonHoly Paladin345212231
MagdorDragon Soul21322212221
MalaxThe Wild One33444312432
MalrathMutant Beast33333312421
MirielleQueen of Destruction33445312541
MusashiWise Samurai2211212221
NamtarDemonic Beast3312213221
OctoSea Adventurer23333323323
OrkonSoul Eater32433312433
PetrosVolcano Dweller33445423554
Prince of PersiaKing of Bldes2333312422
QinThe Burning Flame23334214431
RaymanGuardian of the Glade2433212431
RileyWolf Child33333212232
SalusOrcish Chieftan32333312333
SkulptorThe Immortal King33334312431
SupermanMan of Steel2434412433
TanyaBlind Executioner2322322422
TarethDragon Slayer23333225333
TashiWarrior Monk2323324323
TorsenDwarven Warrior2223212221
UlaosThe Sleeper of R'lyeh3445413533
UlfangBloodthirsty Werewolf1323312331
ValanCentaur Warrior33555512441
VespixWasp Mercenary31222211221
VulkoInvisible Threat33445315442
Wonder WomanPrincess of Themyscira3545412543