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Gives his master increased attack ability.

Stats Boost

Physical Attack Boost4.5%6%7.5%9%10.5%12%13.5%
Magic Attack Boost4%5.3%6.7%8%9.3%10.7%12%
Health Boost9%12%15%18%21%24%27%


Boar's Fury

Boar's Fury

10 seconds after their master enters the battlefield, Emerson increases their masters Physical Attack and Physical Crit Rating. (Limit once per wave).

at level 40Increase Physical Attack by 1981 while ability is activeIncrease Physical Crit Rating by 500
Charging Boar

Charging Boar

When their master uses their ultimate, Emerson charges an enemy, stunning them and dealing Physical Damage. (Limit once per wave).

at level 40Deals a base of 2800 damageStuns enemy for 2.08 seconds