Soul Hunters DB

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Soul Stealing Necklace

A mysterious charm that allows the bearer to literally suck the life force from the enemy
Stats (Max Enchant)
  • physical armor +35
  • lifesteal +50
InfoRequired hero level: 52
ShopsCrucible Supply WagonGuild EmporiumGuild Wars ArsenalArena Armory

Can Equip

AquaAquaBaltorBaltorBloodspearBloodspearBrutoxBrutoxHanzoHanzoHavocHavocKasarKasarKongKongLarsLarsMalrathMalrathOrkonOrkonPrince of PersiaPrince of PersiaRaymanRaymanRileyRileyTanyaTanyaUlfangUlfangUrestagUrestagVoltVolt