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Champion's Cloak

Only the strongest of the strong have the honor of wearing it
Stats (Max Enchant)
  • max health +1650
  • magic armor +55
  • health recovery +1700
  • energy recovery +100
InfoRequired hero level: 96Required fragments to craft: 80
ShopsGuild Wars ArsenalGuild Emporium
CampaignChapter 16, Zemlia: Zemlian EncampmentChapter 17, Deserts of Moran: Sea of Dunes
RaidsChapter 16, Zemlia: Zemlian EncampmentChapter 16, Zemlia: Lone SurvivorChapter 17, Deserts of Moran: Infamy of AramisChapter 17, Deserts of Moran: Pyramid PlunderChapter 18, Hostile Stars: Boarding Squad

Can Equip