Soul Hunters DB

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Willing to defend her aquatic kingdom to the death. Sirpa summons multitudes of illusionary warriors to confuse enemies.


Song of Illusion

Sirpa Hypnotizes the entire enemy party, and then summons many illusionary versions of herself which appear next to each enemy unit (only one is the real Sirpa). If the Hero next to the real Sirpa activates their ultimate, all the illusionary Sirpas will disappear. If a Hero next to an illusionary Sirpa activates their ultimate, that illusion will explode and deal Magic Damage. If after 15 seconds the real Sirpa has not been discovered, all remaining illusionary Sirpas will explode.

Tidal Wave

Sirpa delivers a massive overhand strike, unleashing a wave that deals AOE Physical Damage to all her enemies. This attack cannot be dodged.

Summoner Queen

Sirpa has a chance to dodge an attack that would have otherwise hit her. If the attack was Physical, Sirpa will summon an illusion that is immune to Physical Damage. If the attack was Magic, she will summon an illusion that is immune to Magic Damage.