Soul Hunters DB

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Lord Petros

After Petros ate some mozzarella he grew strong and lost control of himself.


Fire from Above

Lord Petros summons a meteorite from the sky above that smashes his enemies. Affected targets are stunned and dealt magic damage.


Lord Petros raises the temperature of the battleground that causes his enemies to burn and lose energy over time.


When there are more than two heroes in front of Lord Petros he will violently smash at the ground beneath him that causes high damage and stuns them.

Frenzied Growl

Lord Petros growls maniacally at his enemies, causing them damage over time.


Lord Petros is impervious to debuffs and once a certain amount of damage is dealt to him he will raise his energy levels.


Lord Petros focuses all of his rage on the nearest hero, dealing massive damage to them.