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Legendary Konrad

A mad scientist who uses mysterious potions to cause various troubles for his enemies.


Potion Master

Whenever Konrad takes Physical Damage, he will collect Physical Essence, and whenever he takes Magic Damage he will collect Magical Essence. When a hero dies on the battlefield, Konrad will collect Energy Essence. When Potion Master is used, he creates a potion which deals severe Magic Damage to nearby enemies and may have an additional Silence, Freeze or Disarm effect based on the essence he has collected. Wile using this ultimate, he avoids 40% of all damage, is immune to control abilities, and increases the speed at which he collects Essence.

Shattering Vial

Throws a potion vial at an enemy. If the enemy's current energy is lower than their health, they will lose health based on the difference between their energy and health (up to 50% health may be lost). Then the potion vial will hit another enemy. If the enemy's health is lower than their energy, this ability is a standard Magic Attack.

Oil Slick

Konrad's beast sprays oil at the enemy party, which deals Magic Damage and temporarily lowers the target's Magic Armor. Then Konrad uses his flamethrower, which also deals Magic Damage (extra effective against enemies previously struck by oil).

Power Elixir

Konrad feeds his beast an elixir which permanently changes his basic attacks from physical to magic and increases the duo's Physical Armor. After using the elixir, Konrad also has increased Health and Magick Attack.