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Legendary Kong

Legendary Kong carries a golden staff and wears royal attire. Countless illusion warriors will confuse any hero who tries to confront him.


Mortal Deception

Legendary Kong's ultimate skill, summons illusion warriors on the battlefield that confuses and deals physical damage to targeted hero, Kong himself deals severe physical damage to targeted hero, the more illusion warriors on the battlefield the stronger the attack. When Kong is about to use his ultimate skill he will do a back flip before thrusting his spear.

Legions of Illusion

Legendary Kong will summon two illusion warriors to attack your heroes, randomly placed. When Kong uses to skill you will hear a vibrating noise and he will shimmer before they appear on the battlefield.

Frozen Staff

AoE physical damage, any hero touched by the staff transform them into an animal, transformed heroes either lose health over time or gained increased energy. When Kong uses this skill, he will jump up in the air and smash his staff to the ground.

Ultimate Focus

Passive self buff skill, increases Legendary Kong's dodge rate.