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Lady of the Crystals

Spring has arrived, and Glacia, bursting forth from her shell, seems to have acquired a new form?



Glacia causes enemies with different levels to lose Energy. Middle line heroes loose 900 points; Back line heroes loose 720 points; Front line heroes loose 540 points.


Glacia chooses the enemy with the most Energy at that moment and subtracts 720 Energy points from them.

Double Mystic Treachery

Glacia controls an enemy Hero for 8 seconds. During that 8 seconds, the enemy Hero continues to loose Energy.


When her Rage Level reaches 3, Glacia causes Divine Damage to all enemies, with the number based on the difference between the enemy's current Energy and max Energy. After her Rage Level reaches 50, every enemy with more than 300 Energy points suffers heavily-concentrated Divine Damage.