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Ancient Rune

The wisdom of the ancients has been engraved on it
Stats (Max Enchant)
  • magic armor +85
InfoRequired hero level: 56Required fragments to craft: 30
ShopsGuild Wars ArsenalGuild EmporiumCrucible Supply Wagon
CampaignChapter 8, Kaleria: Snow CaveChapter 9, Lyria: Moonbeam MountainsChapter 12, Annendal: Search for the ImmortalsChapter 14, Road to Rathscar: Limaroth's Dwelling
RaidsChapter 7, Kreton: Book of ProphecyChapter 8, Kaleria: Snow CaveChapter 8, Kaleria: Thymerian Ruins

Can Equip

AldredAldredBoreasBoreasCaraCaraChronaChronaCrusherCrusherDragoDragoDrillerDrillerEmberEmberEnriqueEnriqueEzioEzioFloraFloraGaleGaleGizmoGizmoGoblin SquadGoblin SquadHurokHurokLinglingLinglingLumosLumosMasuruMasuruMechanaMechanaNamtarNamtarOrkonOrkonPrince of PersiaPrince of PersiaQinQinShirleyShirleySumikoSumikoTorsenTorsenValanValanVenarysVenarysVernosVernosVespixVespixVincentVincentXanosXanosZemZem