Soul Hunters DB


Amethyst Crystal
Copper AxeCraftable
Copper Longsword
Cretan Chestplate
Crystal VialCraftable
Elven Recurve Bow
Eternal Flame
Giants Girdle
Gladiator's Claymore
Illusionary Shroud
Jewel Band
Leather KickersCraftable
Leather Waders
Light Brigandine
Piercing Shiv
Redwood CrossbowCraftable
Savage Dagger
Shield of Protection
Spartan Helmet
Starfall WandCraftable
Steel Sword
Twilight Orb
Wooden Buckler
Wool Garment
Amulet of DexterityCraftable
Bramble Stick
Crimson Staff
Disciple's Mask
Fleeting BootsCraftable
Iron Chainmail
Mana Boots
Mending Pearl
Red Jade
Silk ShroudCraftable
Spiked BallCraftable
Steel Shin Kickers
Vampiric Dagger
Wolf FangCraftable
Aurora Torch
Banshee EssenceCraftable
Berserker's ClaymoreCraftable
Black Dragon's Tailbone
Bloody Hatchet
Bracer of SalvationCraftable
Bulwark of Vitality
Casket of Time
Charger Boots
Chipped BladeCraftable
Cloud Walkers
Crystal SpecsCraftable
Demonic Longsword
Dragon's Fang
Dwarvish Chestplate
Emerald Cuirass
Gem of Fortitude
Gem of PurificationCraftable
Gem of Vigor
Golden Mallet
Heavy BreastplateCraftable
Hefty War-axe
Jade KylinCraftable
Legendary GemstoneCraftable
Longsword of the UndeadCraftable
Luna's BootsCraftable
Mask of Sacrifice
Meteor Flail
Obsidian TomeCraftable
Ritual Blade
Rotating HacksawCraftable
Runic Eulogy
Scepter of Prophecy
Shadow MantleCraftable
Skull Bonnet
Soothsayer HandwrapsCraftable
Strand of Rejuvenation
Thorned PauldronsCraftable
Viking HelmetCraftable
Warrior's Gloves
Wizardry Codex
Adamantite ScimitarCraftable
Ancient Royal Sword
Ancient Rune
Art of WarCraftable
Athena's BlessingCraftable
Azrael's RoarCraftable
Butterfly SwordsCraftable
Cap of SoulsCraftable
Carnage MalletCraftable
Chain PendantCraftable
Clasp of Life
Conjuring ChainCraftable
Conqueror's ChestplateCraftable
Crystal Staff
Dark Wizard's FigurineCraftable
Doomsday Armor
Doomsday BladeCraftable
Elvish EtudeCraftable
Explosive Scepter
Eye of DeathCraftable
Fire RubyCraftable
Frozen TeardropCraftable
Ghostly Mantle
Goblet of the Ancients
Goblin's ScimitarCraftable
Grand StaffCraftable
Grim Slasher
Guardian Plate
Healing Stone
Heavenly AmuletCraftable
Heavy BallistaCraftable
Heavy ClubCraftable
Ice SmasherCraftable
Light BattleaxeCraftable
Lilith StaffCraftable
Maiden's TrinketCraftable
Natural Remedy
Nature's PowerCraftable
Phantom Jar
Pride's ProtectorCraftable
Recovery PotionCraftable
Runic Crystal Ball
Sage Wand
Sapphire Bracelet
Scepter of the Abyss
Scepter of TimeCraftable
Scorching SpearCraftable
Soul Stealing NecklaceCraftable
Spartan Dagger
Stealth Cape
Tribal BattleaxeCraftable
Tri-spirit OrbCraftable
Voodoo ManuscriptCraftable
Wellspring Water
Whisperwind Bow
Adorned Hood
Angelic FanCraftable
Angel's WingsCraftable
Ares' SpearCraftable
Armor of ShadowsCraftable
Atlantean BattleaxeCraftable
Bandit's Dagger
Bear Spirit Armor
Beastly GuardianCraftable
Blade of CataclysmCraftable
Blade of Chaos
Blade of Illusion
Blade of TimeCraftable
Book of MysteriesCraftable
Champion's Cloak
Commander's Blade
Cosmic ShieldCraftable
Crown of Avarice
Demonic VisageCraftable
Demon's SkullCraftable
Dragonbone Staff
Ethereal Cloak
Fire-Hardened SteelCraftable
Gaia's CutlassCraftable
Glove of Devastation
Helira's MaskCraftable
Helmet of Darkness
Infernal Dagger
Ironbark Warbow
Jewel of HeliosCraftable
Jupiter's Hammer
Kalerian GraniteCraftable
Kretonian Talisman
Lost Epic
Meteor Spear
Midnight Crystal
Midnight DreamCraftable
Mystic Dragonscale
Nemean Hide
Oracle's Robe
Poseidon's TridentCraftable
Priestly ScepterCraftable
Primordial Stone
Renegade's ArmorCraftable
Scepter of Truth
Secret Rune
Shadow SlayerCraftable
Staff of Illumination
Stone Heart
Stormrider Armor
Sword of OlympusCraftable
Titanic Axe
Torch of Destruction
Transforming MaskCraftable
Traveller's Pack
Underworld SaberCraftable
Victory's ScepterCraftable
Wraith Ring
Zealot BattleplateCraftable
Afarit's KeyCraftable
Alloy Batwing
Ancestral TotemCraftable
Anti-combustion BeltCraftable
Antimatter Generator
Apocalypse HornCraftable
Apollo's Lyre
Arachne's Ribbon
Arcane Flame MirrorCraftable
Arcanist's SealCraftable
Ares Pendant
Ash FireCraftable
Ash GuardCraftable
Assassin's Badge
Assassin's KnifeCraftable
Astral Cloak of Power
Aurora Charm
Autumn LeafCraftable
Baloth's Skull
Bamboo BindleCraftable
Beast Animus
Beastly OrnamentCraftable
Beyond Suit
Biting IciclesCraftable
Black Duck Craftable
Blade of DarknessCraftable
Blade of Retribution
Blazing BoulderCraftable
Blessed ShieldCraftable
Blood CurseCraftable
Bloodthirsty DaggerCraftable
Bloodthirsty PikeCraftable
Blood TuskCraftable
Book of DeathCraftable
Bulwark of the DawnCraftable
Burning Longword
Cap of Illusion
Celestial WingsCraftable
Champion's Gauntlets
Cloak of Arcane PowerCraftable
Cloak of WisdomCraftable
Cobra King
Cobra King
Commander's HelmetCraftable
Cool ShadesCraftable
Crescent StaffCraftable
Crimson OrbCraftable
Crimson Talon
Crown of DestructionCraftable
Crown of EmbersCraftable
Crown of Vindication
Cursed GloryCraftable
Cursed Staff
Dark Crystal Blade
Dark Spirit Craftable
Dark VambraceCraftable
Defender's LongswordCraftable
Delicate AdornmentCraftable
Demonic Horns
Demon Sting
Devastation StaffCraftable
Devil's SeraphCraftable
Dharma WheelCraftable
Dice Cup
Dirge PendantCraftable
Divine BranchCraftable
Divining Symbol
Double-barrelled ShotgunCraftable
Double-Edged Mystic Sword
Draconic Heraldry
Dragon AmuletCraftable
Dragon Spaulders
Dragon's ProtectionCraftable
Dragon's SealCraftable
Dragon StrengthCraftable
Dragon Tamer's Jug
Dread Vision
Dream Flower
Elastic ArmorCraftable
Embroidered Cloak
Emerald Wreath
Emperor's RobeCraftable
Empress' GaleaCraftable
Enchanted Staff
Eternal HeartCraftable
Ethereal War BowCraftable
Exquisite Fan
Eye of Horus
Fairy Amulet
Final Judgement
Fish BoneCraftable
Flaming DaggerCraftable
Flashing Foil
Fleeting TimeCraftable
Flower Labyrinth
Flower of LifeCraftable
Flower of Purity
Fool's Cap
Forest RingCraftable
Frozen AbyssCraftable
Frozen Soul
Full Moon BladeCraftable
Furious Souls
Galaxy GemCraftable
Gatling GunCraftable
Gaze of Ruin
Gem of the Shadows
Ghostly CloakCraftable
Glistening Emeralds
Gloves of SavageryCraftable
Glowing SashCraftable
Goblin Gas Mask
Golden Collar
Guardian's PikeCraftable
Gun of Annihilation
Hair CapCraftable
Harpoon Hand
Hat of Banishment
Heart of Crown
Heavenly Key
Heaven's BlessingCraftable
Helm of AbsolutionCraftable
Helm of the Abyss
Holy WingsCraftable
Hungering CrusaderCraftable
Hunter's Cap
Hunter's TrophyCraftable
Hurricane BladeCraftable
Hyperstar Lance
Ice Staff
Icy Heart
Illustrious Kozane
Indestructable Helmet
Indestructable StaffCraftable
Infernal BladesCraftable
Infernal Flame
Infernal SpikesCraftable
Ink Nimbus
Interdimensional Gem
Jade Dragon CircletCraftable
Jade Earrings
Jade FigurineCraftable
Jurassic Pin CushionCraftable
Keeper's OrbCraftable
Key of Eternity
Key of Perfection
Key of PurposeCraftable
Kitty LanternCraftable
Lama's RaimentCraftable
Leaf on the Wind
Lightning GlyphCraftable
Lightning Treads
Lionheart AxeCraftable
Lucifer's WingsCraftable
Luminous Feather Staff
Lunar BowCraftable
Lunar Chakram
Lunar SphereCraftable
Luna's Crown
Magma CoreCraftable
Magma GlyphCraftable
Mandala FlowerCraftable
Master's CapCraftable
Master's Cloak
Masuru's FortitudeCraftable
Medallion of Time
Mini Wings
Mirror of RadianceCraftable
Morbid Doom
Mother Box
Mystic ButterflyCraftable
Night BladesCraftable
Nightbloom Blade Craftable
Nightmare Beast
Olympian RegaliaCraftable
Paladin's ChestplateCraftable
Pauldron of RageCraftable
Pendant of Protection
Pendant of Solace
Phantom Gun
Phantom Mask
Pillar of Obliteration
Platinum Star
Pledge of Mists
Poseidon's MelodyCraftable
Power Ring
Power Serum
Power StaffCraftable
Predator's WingsCraftable
Prince's ArmorCraftable
Profound StaffCraftable
Protector's Wing
Pure Jade ChestCraftable
Purgatory Axe
Queen's FaceplateCraftable
Raven SpiritCraftable
Reactor Core
Reaper's SickleCraftable
Reincarnation Crystal
Revitalizing StoneCraftable
Robe of the Dormant StarCraftable
Royal BeltCraftable
Rubber Duck
Rune of the Abyss
Sabertooth Crown
Sacred Horn
Savage Cleaver
Scarlet HumongerCraftable
Scepter of Punishment
Searing Spears
Shadow Flower
Shadow HoodCraftable
Shield of VictoryCraftable
Shimmering Martello
Shroud of EternityCraftable
Silk Veil
Sky Axe
Solomon's Box
Songbird RingCraftable
Soul Grasper
Spartan CapeCraftable
Spectacles of Truth
Spectral BastionCraftable
Speed Suit
Sphere of the SandsCraftable
Spirit's CloakCraftable
Stellar Proof
Stone GlyphCraftable
Suit of Justice
Superconductivity Suit
Sweet DreamsCraftable
Sword of the DivineCraftable
Tactical Goggles
Telekinetic ShurikenCraftable
Tentacle Shawl
The Bellower
The Gatekeeper
The Lonely Light
The Wolf King's ClawsCraftable
Thunderbolt Staff
Tome of Obscurity
Tyrant's HelmetCraftable
Undead Lantern
Universal StaffCraftable
Vampire's KissCraftable
Vanquisher's HelmetCraftable
Veil of Secrets
Venomous Slug
Venomous SpikeCraftable
Visage of Blight
Void Chestplate
Wanted Poster
War BandCraftable
Water GlyphCraftable
Wicked Wings
Wings of Heaven
Wizard's BladeCraftable
Wolfshead RuneCraftable
Wraith Coral
Yata Mirror