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Furnace: Melt Values

Furnace allows you to melt down your excess equipment into Wood, Iron or Crystals, needed to upgrade your Heroes Village or craft items.
Melted Soulstones will always give you x20 Crystals.
Upgrading your Furnace will reduce required amount of fuel to melt your items, raise the cap of your total fuel capacity, and widens your selection of items to be melted.

Blue Items List

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Aurora Torch303614
Banshee Essence1120945
Berserker's Claymore402111
Black Dragon's Tailbone121624
Bloody Hatchet165012
Bracer of Salvation1081923
Bulwark of Vitality5516542
Casket of Time561013
Charger Boots1655542
Chipped Blade1437741
Cloud Walkers1219945
Crystal Specs213813
Demonic Longsword329522
Dragon's Fang501612
Dwarvish Chestplate963122
Emerald Cuirass448323
Gem of Fortitude705725
Gem of Purification154512
Gem of Vigor1120945
Golden Mallet7714343
Heavy Breastplate2141144
Hefty War-axe213913
Jade Kylin9912144
Legendary Gemstone566924
Longsword of the Undead36515
Luna's Boots3922351
Mask of Sacrifice1081923
Meteor Flail105611
Obsidian Tome756125
Ritual Blade1873343
Rotating Hacksaw5516542
Runic Eulogy2091144
Scepter of Prophecy963122
Shadow Mantle894821
Skull Bonnet303614
Soothsayer Handwraps3419441
Strand of Rejuvenation105611
Thorned Pauldrons2011321
Viking Helmet612225
Warrior's Gloves63314
Wizardry Codex363015

Purple Items List

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Adamantite Scimitar37714155
Ancient Royal Sword19115765
Ancient Rune8726162
Art of War96350204
Athena's Blessing259480143
Azrael's Roar875154203
Butterfly Swords668359201
Cap of Souls111628141
Carnage Mallet3661974
Chain Pendant854154203
Clasp of Life12122563
Conjuring Chain19115765
Conqueror's Chestplate475256141
Crystal Staff22612261
Dark Wizard's Figurine102984205
Doomsday Armor333406144
Doomsday Blade481258141
Elvish Etude338182101
Explosive Scepter2965263
Eye of Death546182142
Fire Ruby386128102
Frozen Teardrop541 035215
Ghostly Mantle286234105
Goblet of the Ancients70336144
Goblin's Scimitar154873201
Grand Staff442361165
Grim Slasher130389102
Guardian Plate234285104
Healing Stone253760202
Heavenly Amulet407333145
Heavy Ballista760253202
Heavy Club12222663
Ice Smasher47183113
Light Battleaxe185555142
Lilith Staff181336103
Maiden's Trinket364676203
Natural Remedy390129102
Nature's Power112636141
Phantom Jar15719164
Pride's Protector350427154
Recovery Potion456557204
Runic Crystal Ball49425104
Sage Wand29551115
Sapphire Bracelet2618762
Scepter of the Abyss629110143
Scepter of Time282523163
Scorching Spear1631365
Soul Stealing Necklace14818164
Spartan Dagger597488215
Stealth Cape5229661
Tribal Battleaxe22612261
Tri-spirit Orb25489105
Voodoo Manuscript188564152
Wellspring Water78441101
Whisperwind Bow760253202

Orange Items List

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Aegis1 316438352
Angel's Wings3371 012272
Ares' Spear6141 141355
Armor of Shadows1 479261343
Bandit's Dagger1 093364292
Blade of Cataclysm2691 528351
Blade of Chaos877472271
Blade of Illusion3001 703402
Blade of Time1 70989354
Book of Mysteries4371 313355
Caduceus1 197645362
Commander's Blade809661295
Cosmic Shield1 184208273
Demonic Visage629769274
Demon's Skull760621275
Ethereal Cloak1 313437352
Fire-Hardened Steel963787355
Gaia's Cutlass2021 147271
Helmet of Darkness1 488262353
Ironbark Warbow3411 023272
Jupiter's Hammer9011 102404
Kretonian Talisman1 38572294
Midnight Dream2151 223281
Mystic Dragonscale871 663355
Nemean Hide963787355
Oracle's Robe7331 361413
Poseidon's Trident1 28267274
Staff of Illumination947510291
Stormrider Armor1 335718411
Sword of Olympus1 023340272
Titanic Axe477886273
Torch of Destruction472877273
Underworld Saber8241 007365
Victory's Scepter1 108596341
Zealot Battleplate671 282275

Red Items List

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Cloak of Wisdom0005
Crescent Staff0004
Hurricane Blade1 9133 5521093
Master's Cap3 2381 744991
Paladin's Chestplate0005
Pure Jade Chest0003
Songbird Ring4 674245984
Sphere of the Sands0002
Tyrant's Helmet0001