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Ice Guard"Just like winter."
A frontline warrior who protects the frozen places of the world, wielding the iciest of elements to prove it.

Positioning / Front Line

Stats Growth

Physical Attack1214.417.5
Magic Attack5.878.5
Physical Armor14.21719.8
Magic Armor12.51517.5


Aura of Ice

Aura of Ice

Zogugh blasts icy air at an enemy hero, gradually slowing and freezing the target as stacked Frost Curses are dispelled. Freeze duration is determined by the number of stacked Frost Curses.

Elemental Shard

Elemental Shard

Summons an icy javelin against an enemy ahead, dealing significant damage and 2 Frost Curse debuffs. (Frost Curse reduces the target's speed and Energy Bonus by 3% per stack. Frost Curse can be stacked up to 10 times.)

Elemental Shield

Elemental Shield

Enemy attacks against Zogugh are partially blocked by an icy shield, parrying a percentage of damage per attack. Each blocked enemy attack inflicts 1 Frost Curse debuff on the attacker.



Zogugh throws his war hammer towards the enemies to create a Chillzone, briefly freezing the target area and dealing damage, 1 Frost Curse, and dispelling speed buffs on enemies caught within at regular intervals.

Armor Enhancement

Armor Enhancement


Enhancing your attributes will increase your Physical Armor.


max health +105physical attack +13physical armor +5physical crit rating +5
Elven Recurve BowElven Recurve BowSavage DaggerSavage DaggerWooden BucklerWooden BucklerWool GarmentWool GarmentCopper LongswordCopper LongswordCopper LongswordCopper Longsword
max health +75physical attack +15physical armor +5magic armor +5physical crit rating +15
Copper AxeCopper AxeLeather KickersLeather KickersRedwood CrossbowRedwood CrossbowElven Recurve BowElven Recurve BowIllusionary ShroudIllusionary ShroudCopper LongswordCopper Longsword
max health +340physical attack +23physical armor +10health recovery +30physical pierce rating +18lifesteal +5
Fleeting BootsFleeting BootsVampiric DaggerVampiric DaggerRed JadeRed JadeLeather KickersLeather KickersSteel SwordSteel SwordSpartan HelmetSpartan Helmet
max health +75physical attack +53physical armor +8physical crit rating +30dodge rating +10physical hit bonus +30
Hefty War-axeHefty War-axeMeteor FlailMeteor FlailCrystal SpecsCrystal SpecsAmulet of DexterityAmulet of DexterityWolf FangWolf FangCopper AxeCopper Axe
max health +450physical attack +113physical armor +30magic armor +11dodge rating +5lifesteal +24
Demonic LongswordDemonic LongswordViking HelmetViking HelmetBroadswordBroadswordWarrior's GlovesWarrior's GlovesSkull BonnetSkull BonnetWolf FangWolf Fang
max health +500physical attack +95physical armor +23magic armor +40physical crit rating +45dodge rating +10physical pierce rating +63
Charger BootsCharger BootsCloud WalkersCloud WalkersRotating HacksawRotating HacksawMask of SacrificeMask of SacrificeBroadswordBroadswordHefty War-axeHefty War-axe
max health +450physical attack +123physical armor +70physical crit rating +69physical pierce rating +85physical hit bonus +50
Tribal BattleaxeTribal BattleaxeHeavy ClubHeavy ClubScorching SpearScorching SpearChipped BladeChipped BladeGolden MalletGolden MalletViking HelmetViking Helmet
max health +1700physical attack +305physical armor +10physical crit rating +85lifesteal +50
Ice SmasherIce SmasherGrim SlasherGrim SlasherDestructionDestructionCarnage MalletCarnage MalletAncient Royal SwordAncient Royal SwordCharger BootsCharger Boots
max health +2275physical attack +371magic armor +44physical hit bonus +100ability level bonus +2
Pride's ProtectorPride's ProtectorEye of DeathEye of DeathDoomsday BladeDoomsday BladeDestructionDestructionFire RubyFire RubyClasp of LifeClasp of Life
max health +800physical attack +225physical armor +90magic armor +90physical crit rating +308dodge rating +30physical pierce rating +80lifesteal +20
Butterfly SwordsButterfly SwordsHeavy BallistaHeavy BallistaGoblin's ScimitarGoblin's ScimitarLight BattleaxeLight BattleaxeGoblet of the AncientsGoblet of the AncientsDemolisherDemolisher
physical attack +678physical crit rating +275physical pierce rating +125
Gaia's CutlassGaia's CutlassBlade of ChaosBlade of ChaosIronbark WarbowIronbark WarbowSpartan DaggerSpartan DaggerWhisperwind BowWhisperwind BowDoomsday BladeDoomsday Blade
max health +2600physical attack +515physical armor +65physical crit rating +100dodge rating +30health recovery +1200physical pierce rating +100lifesteal +50
Underworld SaberUnderworld SaberBlade of CataclysmBlade of CataclysmTitanic AxeTitanic AxeDemon's SkullDemon's SkullButterfly SwordsButterfly Swords
max health +3800physical attack +485physical armor +60magic armor +40physical crit rating +50physical pierce rating +230physical hit bonus +100control time reduction +5
Shadow SlayerShadow SlayerAtlantean BattleaxeAtlantean BattleaxeCommander's BladeCommander's BladeAres' SpearAres' SpearMystic DragonscaleMystic Dragonscale
max health +4100physical attack +660physical armor +150physical pierce rating +170lifesteal +30physical hit bonus +120control time reduction +25
Hurricane BladeHurricane BladeWidowmakerWidowmakerBlade of IllusionBlade of IllusionRenegade's ArmorRenegade's ArmorHelira's MaskHelira's Mask
max health +5600physical attack +440physical armor +246magic armor +215physical crit rating +93dodge rating +113lifesteal +30physical hit bonus +127chance of resisting silence +10%ability level bonus +1
DeathrazeDeathrazeMournbladeMournbladePendant of ProtectionPendant of ProtectionSphere of the SandsSphere of the SandsWidowmakerWidowmaker
max health +3700physical attack +730physical armor +420magic armor +75physical crit rating +230dodge rating +113physical pierce rating +120lifesteal +35physical hit bonus +191control time reduction +25
DeathrazeDeathrazeDraughtbaneDraughtbaneHungering CrusaderHungering CrusaderKnightfallKnightfallSongbird RingSongbird Ring
max health +4730physical attack +925physical armor +620magic armor +100physical crit rating +180dodge rating +70physical pierce rating +275lifesteal +25physical hit bonus +100ability level bonus +1
Ares PendantAres PendantAsh GuardAsh GuardNightbloom Blade Nightbloom Blade Pauldron of RagePauldron of RageSword of the DivineSword of the Divine
Max Enchant
max health +3892physical attack +763physical armor +511magic armor +84physical crit rating +140dodge rating +56physical pierce rating +231lifesteal +21physical hit bonus +77
max health
physical attack
physical armor
magic armor
physical crit rating
dodge rating
health recovery
physical pierce rating
physical hit bonus
control time reduction
chance of resisting silence
ability level bonus

Talent Tree: Combat

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Talent Tree: Heroism

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Pet Equipment

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
max health +1890physical attack +793magic attack +25physical armor +134physical crit rating +42dodge rating +24physical pierce rating +24physical hit bonus +14
Item 6
Commander's Helmet
max health +1890physical attack +142physical armor +54dodge rating +24
Bloodthirsty Dagger
physical attack +300physical crit rating +42physical hit bonus +14
Holy Wings
physical attack +200magic attack +60magic armor +48
Vanquisher's Helmet
physical attack +100physical armor +20magic armor +25hit recovery +10
Ghostly Cloak
max health +1750physical attack +900physical pierce rating +45lifesteal +45physical hit bonus +35

Tarot Set Bonuses


HurryActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Forlorn Caves

LifestealActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

The Emperor

Physical Pierce RatingActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Zogugh Awakening

Quest 1Ice Mallet
max health +4000physical attack +250magic armor +125lifesteal +30
Quest 2Bloody Arena

Zogugh must complete Bloody Arena 5 times
Extreme+ Difficulty