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Paper Doll"Sorry, did I cut you?"
Middle Line DPS: Ursula's magic damage depends on her physical attacks, as well as reducing enemies' max health.


Source: Viability List
Performance in LocationsAwakening & Artifact
55 - Very Good44 - Good33 - Situative22 - Bad11 - Very Bad33 - Strong22 - Situative11 - Weak
Gladiator Arena
Crucible of Fire
Hall of Legends
Prophecy Pool
Sky Fortress
Chaos Tower


Library: Badges
Sorceress' MedallionSylphi summons a swarm of spirits to attack the enemy party, dealing Magic Damage. The spirits deal 150% damage to enemy summoned or illusionary units. A portion of the damage dealt will be returned to Sylphi as health once the spirits disperse.
FemaleTareth knocks an enemy into the air, then pummels them with a series of physical attacks. If the enemy dies during the course of her ultimate, Tareth gets a large boost in Physical Attack.

Positioning / Middle Line

Stats Growth

7* Ursula stats compared to other Middle Line heroes.
Physical Attack
Magic Attack
Physical Armor
Magic Armor

Physical Attack10.512.615.318.321.4
Magic Attack00000
Physical Armor4.
Magic Armor4.


Earth Slice

Earth Slice

Ursula summons a huge pair of scissors which cut the battlefield, leaving an impassable crevice. The scissors also deal Magic Damage to all enemies and reduce their max Health.

Paper Doll

Paper Doll

Ursula summons a doll that appears in the middle of the enemy party. When the doll appears, it deals AOE Magic Damage. The doll cannot be selected as a target for enemy attacks, but once it is hit with enough untargeted attacks, it will unleash a shockwave that deals Magic Damage and lowers the max Health of affected enemies.

Paper Wheel

Paper Wheel

Ursula throws a paper wheel at an enemy, dealing Magic Damage and stunning them. The wheel then sticks to the enemy, draining their Health over time and slowing them. Health loss and speed reduction are greatly intensified when the enemy is no longer stunned.

Flower Burst

Flower Burst

When Ursula is hit by attacks dealing damage equivalent to over 20% of her max Health, she will only take a maximum of 20% damage. The remaining damage will be reflected back at the enemy unit who attacked Ursula, and the reflected damage is impervious to armor. The enemy unit will also be dragged to the center of the allied party. This ability can be used a maximum of 3 times per wave.

Corrupted Blades

Corrupted Blades


At the beginning of the battle, Ursula gets a permanent buff: 30% of her Physical Crit Rating is transformed into Magic Crit Rating, 15% of Magic Attack is transferred into Physical Attack and 120% of Ursula's Physical Pierce Rating is transferred to her Magic Pierce Rating. A pair of scissors is then summoned above a random enemies' head. Once the enemy expends more than 1000 Energy the scissors fly downwards causing massive damage to the enemy.


max health +145physical pierce rating +5physical crit rating +10health recovery +30physical attack +5
Elven Recurve Bow
Elven Recurve BowLevel req. 2
Elven Recurve Bow
Elven Recurve BowLevel req. 2
Spartan Helmet
Spartan HelmetLevel req. 2
Wool Garment
Wool GarmentLevel req. 2
Wrist-GuardsLevel req. 2
Copper Longsword
Copper LongswordLevel req. 1
physical armor +5physical attack +10physical pierce rating +15physical crit rating +10max health +70health recovery +30
Leather Kickers
Leather KickersLevel req. 7
Piercing Shiv
Piercing ShivLevel req. 7
Redwood Crossbow
Redwood CrossbowLevel req. 7
Spartan Helmet
Spartan HelmetLevel req. 2
Wrist-GuardsLevel req. 2
Copper Longsword
Copper LongswordLevel req. 1
physical armor +19physical attack +20max health +300physical crit rating +9dodge rating +10health recovery +60
Steel Shin Kickers
Steel Shin KickersLevel req. 13
Red Jade
Red JadeLevel req. 11
Spiked Ball
Spiked BallLevel req. 10
Leather Waders
Leather WadersLevel req. 7
Light Brigandine
Light BrigandineLevel req. 7
Savage Dagger
Savage DaggerLevel req. 2
physical attack +35physical crit rating +30max health +755health recovery +180physical pierce rating +18
Hefty War-axe
Hefty War-axeLevel req. 27
Meteor Flail
Meteor FlailLevel req. 25
Strand of RejuvenationFleeting Boots
Fleeting BootsLevel req. 14
Red Jade
Red JadeLevel req. 11
Copper Axe
Copper AxeLevel req. 7
max health +675lifesteal +24physical attack +50magic armor +56dodge rating +5physical armor +30physical crit rating +15
Emerald Cuirass
Emerald CuirassLevel req. 37
Demonic Longsword
Demonic LongswordLevel req. 36
Black Dragon's TailboneWarrior's Gloves
Warrior's GlovesLevel req. 23
Berserker's ClaymoreSkull Bonnet
Skull BonnetLevel req. 18
physical crit rating +123physical attack +108magic armor +63physical armor +15
Chipped Blade
Chipped BladeLevel req. 48
Golden Mallet
Golden MalletLevel req. 47
Luna's Boots
Luna's BootsLevel req. 45
Mask of Sacrifice
Mask of SacrificeLevel req. 32
BroadswordLevel req. 30
Berserker's Claymore
physical armor +78physical attack +165physical hit bonus +50physical crit rating +6max health +1100magic armor +62dodge rating +10
Tribal Battleaxe
Tribal BattleaxeLevel req. 58
Heavy Club
Heavy ClubLevel req. 57
Ancient Royal Sword
Ancient Royal SwordLevel req. 53
Charger Boots
Charger BootsLevel req. 49
Cloud Walkers
Cloud WalkersLevel req. 48
Banshee Essence
Banshee EssenceLevel req. 44
max health +1200physical attack +348lifesteal +50physical pierce rating +85
Ice Smasher
Ice SmasherLevel req. 64
Grim Slasher
Grim SlasherLevel req. 61
DestructionLevel req. 59
Scorching Spear
Scorching SpearLevel req. 55
Ancient Royal Sword
Ancient Royal SwordLevel req. 53
Golden Mallet
Golden MalletLevel req. 47
physical attack +115ability level bonus +2max health +4350dodge rating +50health recovery +1998magic armor +100physical armor +78
Pride's Protector
Pride's ProtectorLevel req. 72
Heavenly Amulet
Heavenly AmuletLevel req. 68
Cap of Souls
Cap of SoulsLevel req. 66
Runic Crystal Ball
Runic Crystal BallLevel req. 65
Ice Smasher
Ice SmasherLevel req. 64
Sapphire Bracelet
Sapphire BraceletLevel req. 54
dodge rating +30physical armor +30physical attack +596physical crit rating +60physical pierce rating +80physical hit bonus +100
Butterfly Swords
Butterfly SwordsLevel req. 79
Heavy Ballista
Heavy BallistaLevel req. 79
Spartan Dagger
Spartan DaggerLevel req. 78
Eye of Death
Eye of DeathLevel req. 69
Doomsday Blade
Doomsday BladeLevel req. 68
DestructionLevel req. 59
physical attack +405physical crit rating +155physical pierce rating +125max health +1600magic armor +180physical armor +90lifesteal +20
Gaia's Cutlass
Gaia's CutlassLevel req. 84
Blade of Chaos
Blade of ChaosLevel req. 82
Demonic Visage
Demonic VisageLevel req. 81
Goblin's Scimitar
Goblin's ScimitarLevel req. 77
Whisperwind Bow
Whisperwind BowLevel req. 76
Goblet of the Ancients
max health +2000dodge rating +90physical armor +120physical attack +310physical hit bonus +200physical pierce rating +150physical crit rating +90lifesteal +30
Armor of Shadows
Armor of ShadowsLevel req. 89
Ares' Spear
Ares' SpearLevel req. 88
Blade of Cataclysm
Blade of CataclysmLevel req. 87
Poseidon's Trident
Poseidon's TridentLevel req. 83
Demon's Skull
Demon's SkullLevel req. 82
max health +4000physical armor +140physical attack +515control time reduction +15physical crit rating +110physical pierce rating +100lifesteal +20magic armor +40
Renegade's Armor
Renegade's ArmorLevel req. 94
Atlantean Battleaxe
Atlantean BattleaxeLevel req. 91
Commander's Blade
Commander's BladeLevel req. 90
Underworld Saber
Underworld SaberLevel req. 88
Mystic Dragonscale
Mystic DragonscaleLevel req. 87
max health +5050magic armor +195physical armor +190physical attack +545physical crit rating +95control time reduction +10lifesteal +30physical hit bonus +80physical pierce rating +80
Paladin's Chestplate
Paladin's ChestplateLevel req. 100
Songbird Ring
Songbird RingLevel req. 97
WidowmakerLevel req. 97
Shadow Slayer
Shadow SlayerLevel req. 93
Helira's Mask
Helira's MaskLevel req. 91
max health +5600dodge rating +113physical armor +246physical attack +440physical hit bonus +127physical crit rating +93magic armor +215ability level bonus +1chance of resisting silence +10%lifesteal +30
DeathrazeLevel req. 100
MournbladeLevel req. 100
Pendant of Protection
Pendant of ProtectionLevel req. 100
Sphere of the Sands
Sphere of the SandsLevel req. 98
WidowmakerLevel req. 97
max health +3700dodge rating +113physical armor +420physical attack +730physical hit bonus +191physical crit rating +230control time reduction +25physical pierce rating +120lifesteal +35magic armor +75
DeathrazeLevel req. 100
DraughtbaneLevel req. 100
Hungering Crusader
Hungering CrusaderLevel req. 100
KnightfallLevel req. 100
Songbird Ring
Songbird RingLevel req. 97
max health +4880physical armor +700physical attack +945physical crit rating +185magic armor +100dodge rating +100physical pierce rating +215physical hit bonus +100lifesteal +25ability level bonus +1
Ash Guard
Ash GuardLevel req. 100
Nightbloom Blade
Nightbloom Blade Level req. 100
Pauldron of Rage
Pauldron of RageLevel req. 100
Sword of the Divine
Sword of the DivineLevel req. 100
The Gatekeeper
The GatekeeperLevel req. 100

Talent Tree: Combat

Academy skills explained hereShow Recommended
Damage ResistancePhysical Resistance+3% at lvl 5
StealthMagic Resistance+3% at lvl 5
Healing PotionsHealing Ratio+6% at lvl 5
Spell ResistanceSpell Recovery Time+12% at lvl 5
Evasive ManeuversDodge Rating+20 at lvl 5
ForcefieldsHit Recovery Time+12.5% at lvl 5
Defensive TacticsPhysical Toughness+16% at lvl 5
BlessingMagic Toughness+16% at lvl 5
General TacticsAbility Level+5 at lvl 5
Martial ArtsPhysical Crit Damage+21% at lvl 5
SwordsmanshipPhysical Pierce Rating+30.5 at lvl 5

Talent Tree: Heroism

Academy skills explained hereShow Recommended
Mystic ArtsMagic Armor+40 at lvl 5
Armor CraftingPhysical Armor+40 at lvl 5
Physical ConditioningMax Health+1500 at lvl 5
Vitality DrainLife Steal+12 at lvl 5
MarksmanshipPhysical Hit Bonus+40 at lvl 5
Silence ResistanceSilence Resist+6% at lvl 5
Final StruggleKill Bonus Resistance+11% at lvl 5
Energy RegenerationEnergy Bonus+11% at lvl 5
Elemental MasteryEnergy Efficiency+5% at lvl 5
Offensive TacticsPhysical Crit Rating+42 at lvl 5
Weapons MasteryPhysical Attack+175.5 at lvl 5

Pet Equipment

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
Item 6
max health +1890dodge rating +24physical armor +54physical attack +142
physical attack +300physical hit bonus +14physical crit rating +42
magic armor +48magic attack +60physical attack +200
magic armor +25hit recovery +10physical armor +20physical attack +100
lifesteal +45max health +1750physical attack +900physical hit bonus +35physical pierce rating +45

Recommended Pets

Blood WingSupremeIncreases your survivability and deals significant damage to enemies.
MikaRareSupports their master by giving them a speed boost.
FlapperUncommonGives their master increased Magic Armor.

Tarot Set Bonuses

The Chariot

Physical AttackActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

The World

Ability Level BonusActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Ursula Awakening

Quest 1Blood Curse
max health +1000magic armor +150physical armor +150physical attack +150
Quest 2Tidal Temple

Ursula must complete Tidal Temple 2 times
Extreme+ Difficulty