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Dragon Born"I will put them in their graves!"Shop: Arena Armory
Back Line DPS: Alternates between dealing long-range damage from the back, and dashing into the enemy party to assassinate targets.


Source: Viability List
Performance in LocationsAwakening & Artifact
55 - Very Good44 - Good33 - Situative22 - Bad11 - Very Bad33 - Strong22 - Situative11 - Weak
Gladiator Arena
Crucible of Fire
Hall of Legends
Prophecy Pool
Sky Fortress
Chaos Tower


Library: Badges
FemaleFemale allies of heroes that possess the Female symbol will receive a Physical Attack increase.
Demon HornsAllies who have Demon Horns get Armor bonus.
DragonkinHeroes that possess a Dragonkin symbol will have their maximum HP increased.

Positioning / Back Line

Stats Growth

7* Mirah stats compared to other Back Line heroes.
Physical Attack
Magic Attack
Physical Armor
Magic Armor

Physical Attack89.611.713.916.3
Magic Attack00000
Physical Armor3.344.95.86.8
Magic Armor3.344.95.86.8


Dragon's Curse

Dragon's Curse

Flying Mode: Mirah rushes at the enemy with the lowest Physical Armor, dealing AOE Physical Damage, stunning them, and putting the dragon's curse upon them (the dragon's curse prevents the enemy from regaining Health, and if they die under the curse, Mirah gains Health and Energy and has reduced cooldown time between uses of "Demonic Wings"). Mirah then transforms back to human form.

Human Mode: Mirah uses all her remaining energy to deliver a brutal attack to the weakest enemy, dealing massive Physical Damage that ignores enemy shields. The more Energy she used, the more damage is dealt. It also places the dragon's curse upon the enemy and triggers an additional explosion that deals AOE damage.

Magic Shock

Magic Shock

Flying Mode: Mirah shoots magic bullets at enemies in range, reducing their Physical Armor as well as their Magic Attack. Enemies will not gain Energy as a result of being struck with this attack.

Human Mode: Deals Physical Damage to a single enemy unit. If the target is a tank, damage will be dealt as a percentage of their max Health. If the target is a physical hero, they will be disarmed. If the target is a magic or support hero, they will be silenced. Enemies near to the primary target will also take some Physical Damage and be prevented from using their ultimate for a short time.

Dragon's Shadow

Dragon's Shadow

Flying Mode: Mirah hovers over the battlefield for 6 seconds, rapidly gaining Health and Energy. She cannot be selected as the primary target of an enemy attack during this time. If she takes damage equivalent to 10% of her max Health while this ability is being used, it will end immediately.

Human Mode: Mirah stabs the enemy with the highest DPS with a dragon bone. If the enemy is currently affected by a control ability, their Energy gain due to being hit by this ability is reduced by 50%, and they will take Damage-Over-Time.

Demonic Wings

Demonic Wings

While in flying mode, Mirah is immune to 10% of Magic Damage taken and has her defensive stats increased.

While in human mode, Mirah is immune to 10% of Physical Damage taken and has increased attack stats, dodge rating, and lifesteal.

When she is affected by a control ability, she immediately breaks free of it and afflicts the enemy who casted the control ability with Terror. At the same time she increases her Physical Attack and attack speed. This ability is triggered once every 9 seconds.

Mirah's Revenge

Mirah's Revenge


When she takes a lethal amount of damage, Mirah is able to block this damage, gain a small amount of Health, and automatically trigger her ultimate. The amount of Health gained depends on Mirah's Star-level. This ability can only be used once per wave.

Dragon Roar

Dragon Roar


Aerial form: casts a Dragon Roar with every three attacks.
Humanoid: casts a Dragon Roar with every six attacks.
Each Dragon Roar inflicts Divine Damage and Energy loss to all enemies. Roars must be at least 3 seconds apart.


max health +105physical attack +13physical crit rating +5physical armor +5
Elven Recurve BowElven Recurve BowSavage DaggerSavage DaggerWooden BucklerWooden BucklerWool GarmentWool GarmentCopper LongswordCopper LongswordCopper LongswordCopper Longsword
physical armor +5physical attack +15max health +75physical crit rating +15magic armor +5
Copper AxeCopper AxeLeather KickersLeather KickersRedwood CrossbowRedwood CrossbowElven Recurve BowElven Recurve BowIllusionary ShroudIllusionary ShroudCopper LongswordCopper Longsword
physical pierce rating +18lifesteal +5physical attack +23max health +270physical armor +10physical crit rating +5
Fleeting BootsFleeting BootsVampiric DaggerVampiric DaggerRed JadeRed JadeLeather KickersLeather KickersSteel SwordSteel SwordElven Recurve BowElven Recurve Bow
physical attack +53physical crit rating +30physical hit bonus +30dodge rating +10physical armor +8max health +75
Hefty War-axeHefty War-axeMeteor FlailMeteor FlailCrystal SpecsCrystal SpecsAmulet of DexterityAmulet of DexterityWolf FangWolf FangCopper AxeCopper Axe
lifesteal +24physical attack +75max health +450physical armor +40physical crit rating +15magic armor +11physical hit bonus +30
Demonic LongswordDemonic LongswordViking HelmetViking HelmetBroadswordBroadswordBerserker's ClaymoreBerserker's ClaymoreSkull BonnetSkull BonnetCrystal SpecsCrystal Specs
max health +1175physical armor +15physical attack +103magic armor +63physical crit rating +30dodge rating +5
Charger BootsCharger BootsGolden MalletGolden MalletLuna's BootsLuna's BootsEmerald CuirassEmerald CuirassMeteor FlailMeteor FlailWarrior's GlovesWarrior's Gloves
physical armor +70physical attack +115physical crit rating +85max health +1725magic armor +63
Tribal BattleaxeTribal BattleaxeCarnage MalletCarnage MalletAncient Royal SwordAncient Royal SwordClasp of LifeClasp of LifeLuna's BootsLuna's BootsViking HelmetViking Helmet
max health +2200physical attack +120lifesteal +50magic armor +122physical armor +105dodge rating +20
Ice SmasherIce SmasherGrim SlasherGrim SlasherFire RubyFire RubyTribal BattleaxeTribal BattleaxeStealth CapeStealth CapeLuna's BootsLuna's Boots
max health +3250ability level bonus +2magic armor +98physical attack +323physical armor +55
Conqueror's ChestplateConqueror's ChestplateAdamantite ScimitarAdamantite ScimitarGoblet of the AncientsGoblet of the AncientsDoomsday BladeDoomsday BladeIce SmasherIce SmasherTribal BattleaxeTribal Battleaxe
dodge rating +30physical armor +90physical attack +225physical crit rating +308physical pierce rating +80lifesteal +20magic armor +90max health +800
Butterfly SwordsButterfly SwordsHeavy BallistaHeavy BallistaGoblin's ScimitarGoblin's ScimitarLight BattleaxeLight BattleaxeGoblet of the AncientsGoblet of the AncientsDemolisherDemolisher
dodge rating +30physical armor +90physical attack +325physical crit rating +170physical pierce rating +80lifesteal +20magic armor +128max health +800
Butterfly SwordsButterfly SwordsHeavy BallistaHeavy BallistaGoblin's ScimitarGoblin's ScimitarAdamantite ScimitarAdamantite ScimitarGoblet of the AncientsGoblet of the AncientsDemolisherDemolisher
lifesteal +20physical attack +320physical crit rating +160physical pierce rating +180max health +1800magic armor +220dodge rating +20physical armor +55
Underworld SaberUnderworld SaberBlade of CataclysmBlade of CataclysmEthereal CloakEthereal CloakDemonic VisageDemonic VisageHeavy BallistaHeavy Ballista
max health +3800physical attack +485physical pierce rating +230physical crit rating +50control time reduction +5physical hit bonus +100magic armor +40physical armor +60
Shadow SlayerShadow SlayerAtlantean BattleaxeAtlantean BattleaxeCommander's BladeCommander's BladeAres' SpearAres' SpearMystic DragonscaleMystic Dragonscale
max health +2600physical attack +620physical hit bonus +100control time reduction +35physical pierce rating +170magic armor +75physical crit rating +95physical armor +150
Hurricane BladeHurricane BladeSongbird RingSongbird RingBlade of IllusionBlade of IllusionRenegade's ArmorRenegade's ArmorHelira's MaskHelira's Mask
max health +3800dodge rating +126physical armor +270physical attack +605physical hit bonus +114physical crit rating +195magic armor +140control time reduction +10lifesteal +30
MournbladeMournbladePendant of ProtectionPendant of ProtectionPendant of SolacePendant of SolaceSongbird RingSongbird RingWidowmakerWidowmaker
max health +5150dodge rating +116physical armor +426physical attack +785physical hit bonus +208physical crit rating +138physical pierce rating +120control time reduction +15lifesteal +65
DraughtbaneDraughtbaneHungering CrusaderHungering CrusaderKnightfallKnightfallMournbladeMournbladeWidowmakerWidowmaker
max health +4730physical armor +620physical attack +925physical crit rating +180magic armor +100dodge rating +70physical pierce rating +275physical hit bonus +100lifesteal +25ability level bonus +1
Ares PendantAres PendantAsh GuardAsh GuardNightbloom Blade Nightbloom Blade Pauldron of RagePauldron of RageSword of the DivineSword of the Divine

Talent Tree: Combat

Show Recommended

Talent Tree: Heroism

Show Recommended

Pet Equipment

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
Item 6
physical attack +300physical hit bonus +14physical crit rating +42
max health +1890dodge rating +24physical armor +54physical attack +142
magic armor +48magic attack +60physical attack +200
magic armor +25hit recovery +10physical armor +20physical attack +100
lifesteal +45max health +1750physical attack +900physical hit bonus +35physical pierce rating +45

Recommended Pets

Golden PawnSupremeIncreases its owner's defense and offense, and can charge the enemy.
CocoLegendaryIncreases master's survivability, useful for both offense and defense.
MikaRareSupports their master by giving them a speed boost.
BongoUncommonGives their master a speed boost and increases Physical Attack.

Tarot Set Bonuses


HurryActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

The Emperor

Physical Pierce RatingActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Mirah Awakening

Quest 1Dragon's Seal
max health +1500magic armor +150physical armor +150physical hit bonus +40
Quest 2Ride of the Valkyries

Mirah must complete Ride of the Valkyries 5 times
Extreme+ Difficulty

Mirah Mystical Artifact

Quest 1Dark Vambrace
max health +3000magic armor +180physical armor +180physical attack +200physical hit bonus +50
Quest 2Cursed City

Mirah must complete Cursed City 5 times
Extreme+ Difficulty