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Enigmatic Killer"Fear those who are driven by vengeance!"Episodes: Ch.13: Kreton Woodlands
Cara is a middle line support hero, she excels at crowd control and opposing physical heroes.


Source: Viability List
Performance in LocationsAwakening & Artifact
55 - Very Good44 - Good33 - Situative22 - Bad11 - Very Bad33 - Strong22 - Situative11 - Weak
Gladiator Arena
Crucible of Fire
Hall of Legends
Prophecy Pool
Sky Fortress
Chaos Tower


Library: Badges
Sorceress' MedallionSylphi summons a swarm of spirits to attack the enemy party, dealing Magic Damage. The spirits deal 150% damage to enemy summoned or illusionary units. A portion of the damage dealt will be returned to Sylphi as health once the spirits disperse.
FemaleTareth knocks an enemy into the air, then pummels them with a series of physical attacks. If the enemy dies during the course of her ultimate, Tareth gets a large boost in Physical Attack.
DreamerDina transforms into a dinosaur that has increased attack range and attack speed, as well as extremely fast health recovery. While in dinosaur form, she can also reflect 60% of the damage she receives back at enemies.

Positioning / Middle Line

Stats Growth

7* Cara stats compared to other Middle Line heroes.
Physical Attack
Magic Attack
Physical Armor
Magic Armor

Physical Attack3.
Magic Attack4.75.878.29.310.5
Physical Armor1.
Magic Armor1.


Cage of Eternity

Cage of Eternity

Cara traps an enemy in a cage and inflicts a curse on them, dealing Magic Damage-Over-Time and stunning them. While this ultimate is being used, Cara is immune to all control abilities.

Kiss of Death

Kiss of Death

Cara kisses an enemy, cursing them with greatly reduced Physical Attack and freezing them for a short period.

Flower Beam

Flower Beam

Cara shoots a laser beam that deals Magic Damage to a single enemy. Cara will gain as much health as the enemy loses.



Cara hypnotizes the enemy into a dream-state, and they are frozen until they take an attack. If they are not awakened by an attack, the dream-state will transfer to another enemy. The dream-state may be transferred twice at most.

Dream Potion

Dream Potion


The first time Cara is near death, she will take a potion which puts her into a deep sleep for 5 seconds. While sleeping, she is immune to damage and recovers some health.


max health +115magic attack +9magic crit rating +5magic pierce rating +5physical attack +3health recovery +30
Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst CrystalLevel req. 2
Eternal Flame
Eternal FlameLevel req. 2
Jewel Band
Jewel BandLevel req. 2
Savage Dagger
Savage DaggerLevel req. 2
Spartan Helmet
Spartan HelmetLevel req. 2
Twilight Orb
Twilight OrbLevel req. 2
magic attack +36dodge rating +10
Crystal Vial
Crystal VialLevel req. 7
Crystal Vial
Crystal VialLevel req. 7
Light Brigandine
Light BrigandineLevel req. 7
Starfall Wand
Starfall WandLevel req. 7
Jewel Band
Jewel BandLevel req. 2
Jewel Band
Jewel BandLevel req. 2
max health +150magic attack +42magic crit rating +16magic armor +10health recovery +30
Mana Boots
Mana BootsLevel req. 14
Silk Shroud
Silk ShroudLevel req. 9
Crimson Staff
Crimson StaffLevel req. 8
Cretan Chestplate
Cretan ChestplateLevel req. 7
GumbootsLevel req. 7
Spartan Helmet
Spartan HelmetLevel req. 2
max health +450magic armor +20magic crit rating +10magic attack +30physical armor +20physical attack +26
Bloody Hatchet
Bloody HatchetLevel req. 26
Dragon's Fang
Dragon's FangLevel req. 21
Wizardry Codex
Wizardry CodexLevel req. 19
Steel Shin Kickers
Steel Shin KickersLevel req. 13
Wolf Fang
Wolf FangLevel req. 8
Shield of Protection
magic pierce rating +75magic armor +64physical armor +12magic attack +45max health +270
Shadow Mantle
Shadow MantleLevel req. 40
Gem of Fortitude
Gem of FortitudeLevel req. 39
Obsidian Tome
Obsidian TomeLevel req. 29
Aurora Torch
Aurora TorchLevel req. 28
Longsword of the UndeadRed Jade
Red JadeLevel req. 11
magic attack +63magic pierce rating +63magic armor +40magic crit rating +23physical armor +60max health +900
Runic Eulogy
Runic EulogyLevel req. 50
Ritual Blade
Ritual BladeLevel req. 49
Jade Kylin
Jade KylinLevel req. 47
Thorned Pauldrons
Thorned PauldronsLevel req. 35
Viking Helmet
Viking HelmetLevel req. 34
Bloody Hatchet
Bloody HatchetLevel req. 26
magic armor +62magic attack +150physical attack +85max health +950physical armor +63health recovery +270
Phantom Jar
Phantom JarLevel req. 57
Ancient Royal Sword
Ancient Royal SwordLevel req. 53
Crystal Staff
Crystal StaffLevel req. 53
Bulwark of Vitality
Bulwark of VitalityLevel req. 51
Heavy Breastplate
Heavy BreastplateLevel req. 43
Dwarvish Chestplate
Dwarvish ChestplateLevel req. 41
max health +2375magic armor +145health recovery +600magic attack +241energy recovery +250
Elvish Etude
Elvish EtudeLevel req. 63
Wellspring Water
Wellspring WaterLevel req. 61
Sage Wand
Sage WandLevel req. 60
Ancient Rune
Ancient RuneLevel req. 56
Clasp of Life
Clasp of LifeLevel req. 52
Soothsayer Handwraps
magic attack +306ability level bonus +2max health +2150magic armor +30magic crit rating +30physical attack +103physical armor +55
Grand Staff
Grand StaffLevel req. 73
Scepter of the AbyssVoodoo Manuscript
Voodoo ManuscriptLevel req. 66
Tri-spirit Orb
Tri-spirit OrbLevel req. 65
Ice Smasher
Ice SmasherLevel req. 64
Tribal Battleaxe
Tribal BattleaxeLevel req. 58
max health +1200magic attack +444lifesteal +20magic armor +108physical armor +60physical attack +160energy efficiency +8%energy recovery +150
Frozen Teardrop
Frozen TeardropLevel req. 80
Goblin's Scimitar
Goblin's ScimitarLevel req. 77
ShurikenLevel req. 76
Adamantite Scimitar
Adamantite ScimitarLevel req. 70
Scepter of Time
Scepter of TimeLevel req. 67
Wellspring Water
Wellspring WaterLevel req. 61
magic attack +320magic pierce rating +100max health +5400magic armor +200magic crit rating +20health recovery +600ability level bonus +2
ThunderboltLevel req. 85
Sword of Olympus
Sword of OlympusLevel req. 82
Midnight Dream
Midnight DreamLevel req. 80
Maiden's Trinket
Maiden's TrinketLevel req. 78
Recovery Potion
Recovery PotionLevel req. 78
Conqueror's Chestplate
max health +2600magic attack +570magic pierce rating +60magic armor +130magic crit rating +60physical armor +30physical attack +30
CaduceusLevel req. 89
Victory's Scepter
Victory's ScepterLevel req. 85
Demonic Visage
Demonic VisageLevel req. 81
Torch of DestructionFrozen Teardrop
Frozen TeardropLevel req. 80
max health +3300magic armor +205magic attack +490chance of resisting silence +15magic crit rating +140magic pierce rating +70physical armor +60
Transforming Mask
Transforming MaskLevel req. 94
Angelic Fan
Angelic FanLevel req. 91
Primordial Stone
Primordial StoneLevel req. 90
Book of Mysteries
Book of MysteriesLevel req. 87
Helmet of Darkness
Helmet of DarknessLevel req. 86
max health +3100magic attack +680magic crit rating +60magic pierce rating +220chance of resisting silence +35physical armor +65magic armor +130energy recovery +180
Crescent Staff
Crescent StaffLevel req. 99
Cloak of Wisdom
Cloak of WisdomLevel req. 98
Lost Epic
Lost EpicLevel req. 95
Transforming Mask
Transforming MaskLevel req. 94
Jewel of Helios
Jewel of HeliosLevel req. 92
max health +3050magic armor +542magic attack +870magic crit rating +200physical armor +65magic pierce rating +85chance of resisting silence +10%
Keeper's Orb
Keeper's OrbLevel req. 100
Key of Perfection
Key of PerfectionLevel req. 100
Tome of Obscurity
Tome of ObscurityLevel req. 100
Cloak of Wisdom
Cloak of WisdomLevel req. 98
Pure Jade Chest
Pure Jade ChestLevel req. 97
max health +4100magic armor +585magic attack +1110magic pierce rating +205control time reduction +15magic crit rating +75physical armor +140energy efficiency +5%
Cloak of Arcane Power
Cloak of Arcane PowerLevel req. 100
Heaven's Blessing
Heaven's BlessingLevel req. 100
LorekeeperLevel req. 100
Shroud of Eternity
Shroud of EternityLevel req. 100
VindicationLevel req. 100
max health +4490magic armor +930dodge rating +50magic attack +1080energy efficiency +5%magic crit rating +170ability level bonus +1physical armor +100magic pierce rating +215
Dirge Pendant
Dirge PendantLevel req. 100
Jade Dragon Circlet
Jade Dragon CircletLevel req. 100
Luminous Feather StaffProfound Staff
Profound StaffLevel req. 100
Robe of the Dormant Star

Talent Tree: Mysticism

Academy skills explained hereShow Recommended
Mystic ArtsMagic Armor+40 at lvl 5
Armor CraftingPhysical Armor+40 at lvl 5
Healing PotionsHealing Ratio+6% at lvl 5
Spell ResistanceSpell Recovery Time+12% at lvl 5
Evasive ManeuversDodge Rating+20 at lvl 5
ForcefieldsHit Recovery Time+12.5% at lvl 5
Energy RegenerationEnergy Bonus+11% at lvl 5
Elemental MasteryEnergy Efficiency+5% at lvl 5
General TacticsAbility Level+5 at lvl 5
Explosive MagicMagic Pierce Rating+30.5 at lvl 5
Offensive SpellsMagic Attack+175.5 at lvl 5

Talent Tree: Elemental Magic

Academy skills explained hereShow Recommended
Damage ResistancePhysical Resistance+3% at lvl 5
StealthMagic Resistance+3% at lvl 5
Physical ConditioningMax Health+1500 at lvl 5
Healing SpellsHealth Recovery+1000 at lvl 5
Spell MasteryEnergy Recovery+120 at lvl 5
Silence ResistanceSilence Resist+6% at lvl 5
Final StruggleKill Bonus Resistance+11% at lvl 5
Defensive TacticsPhysical Toughness+16% at lvl 5
BlessingMagic Toughness+16% at lvl 5
Dark MagicMagic Crit Damage+21% at lvl 5
Battle SorceryMagic Crit Rating+42 at lvl 5

Pet Equipment

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
Item 6
magic attack +300magic crit rating +36magic pierce rating +21
max health +1320magic attack +340magic crit rating +42
max health +500magic attack +35physical attack +35
max health +660magic attack +200magic pierce rating +10
max health +4500magic attack +375magic crit rating +80ability level bonus +10magic pierce rating +20

Recommended Pets

Mutant RabbitSupremeIncreases your survivability and deals area of effect damage to enemy forces.
MiaoLegendaryMiao can simultaneously increase her owner's magic abilities and survivability.
CorvusRareCan increase his owner's magic potency and survivability.
TorchUncommonGives their master increased Magic Attack.

Tarot Set Bonuses

The Hanged Man

Energy BonusActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

The Moon

Magic AttackActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Cara Awakening

Quest 1Dream Flower
max health +1000magic armor +150magic attack +150physical armor +150
Quest 2The Dwarven Forge

Cara must complete The Dwarven Forge 2 times
Extreme+ Difficulty