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Library: Artifacts


The Drunk Monk
Bamboo Blessing

The bamboo god imbues Adus' attacks with Divine Damage that ignores his enemies' Armor. The bamboo god also allows Adus and up to two nearby allies to periodically recover a certain amount of Health.


Ice Queen

The ice maiden's presence makes the frigid air colder still. All abilities that cause ice damage will cause an additional level of freezing effect to the target. At level 2, the unit will move more slowly; at level 4 it will cause an icestorm, causing Magic Damage and stunning the enemy, clearing all ice effects on the target, and restarting the counter.


Voodoo Master
Vengeance Conversion

Alice will regain HP at a faster rate depending on the number of Marks of Vengeance she inflicts, which will also enhance her overall magical strength and magical piercing.


Angel of Ink

The "Source" ability now works on all friendly heroes, but with a shorter duration.


Spider Empress
Toxic Spine Shield

The Spider Empress cats a battlefield-wide poison shield on all allies at the start of battle. Every melee-based Physical Attack from en enemy on a shielded unit will poison that enemy, who will also take extra damage from the Empress. However, these shields weaken significantly upon her death.


Ice Dragon
Frostburn Guardian

Frostburn Guardian grants Ice Blockade more health recovery, as well as some energy recovery; Arcturus will cast himself Ice Blockade when he is close to death (only once).


Audacious Fairy

Ariel is unable to be targeted or controlled 2 seconds after her Perpetual Shield disappears and her Magic Attack is increased for a period of time.


Dark Protector

The area around Avior is now corroded by the underworld. Enemies next to Avior will be weakened, more vulnerable to damage (excluding Divine Damage), and their healing effects and energy gain rates will be decreased. If an enemy is near Avior for a long time, then Avior will steal a certain percentage of their resistances to buff its own.


Bone Crusher

Each time Baltor uses his spiked ball to hit his enemies, the ball engulfs them in fire, dealing differing degrees of damage to them.


Spider Princess
Spider Queen

Increases spiderling damage. Spiderlings will spawn two new spiderlings if they self-destruct.


Spirit of Winter
Ancient Hail's Curse

"Cold Revenge" and "Frost Curse" dealing continuous damage to enemies in addition to their curse. If a cursed enemy has less than 15% Health remaining, then the enemy takes damage equivalent to 25% of their max Health and immediately perishes.


Time Traveller
Soul Restoration

Chrona receives HP, Energy, and a brief speed boost every time she passes through a hero at high speed or by manipulating space-time in Time Reversal, Stealth Mode, or Instant Rewind (as long as Chrona is travelling somewhere).


Blade Master
Soul of the Blood-Stealer

Every unit struck by Blade Dash while Dalthu holds Blood Stealer strengthens him by absorbing the enemy's primary characteristic essence: Physical heroes: Dalthu recovers health; Magic heroes: Dalthu recovers energy; Tanky heroes: Dalthu recovers health and energy together (but relatively less of each); This effect is halved against enemy bosses. If the attacked unit is a summoned creature, then additional Divine Damage is dealt.


Daring Gambler
Good Fortune

The god of fortune will regularly bestow Dalton with good fortune. Depending on Dalton's current health, he will recover a significant amount of health, or will have his chips increased by a certain amount.


Dino Girl

Dina hates fierce competition. When the enemy includes creeps, demon horn, and/or insectoids on the enemy team, Dina will start in "Prehistoric Beast" mode, and while transformed has greater damage reduction.


The Wrathful
Forest of Shadows

The fear of enemies powers Drelduth's shadow magic. Drelduth's energy recovery will increase based on the number of enemies present, and enemies will become terrified upon his death.

Dr. Zeno

Supreme Intellect

When changing form, gains a temporary buff which increases magic penetration and grants immunity to most control effects. Duration is increased for each time form has been changed this battle.


Dark Ranger
Death Surge

After Elador transforms into demon form he locks onto the weakest enemy hero and marks them with a demonic symbol. Once there are a total of 3 demon symbols over his enemies' heads his enemies are dealt damage and silenced for a period of time. The duration and damage dealt to an enemy is dependent on how many symbols they currently have over their head when the ability is triggered.


Princess of Selussa
Dark Moon Guard

The Moon Goddess is always protecting you and your allies. Tiger Leap's inspirational effects on abilities has been enhanced to include a dodge rating bonus and increased energy recovery rate for a short time.


Alien Being
Borrowed Time

When Ethera finds an enemy with less than 50% health on the field, she will overcharge time to accelerate herself and focus on attacking this enemy. During the acceleration, the Ethera gains additional attack power and debuff resistance. After the target dies, the acceleration ends, and Ethera will be frozen for same length of time. If Ethera is currently or about to use Event Horizon, she will be frozen after Event Horizon ends.


Death on Wings
Nuclear Deterrence

After Franzicopter enters the battlefield, all enemy heroes are subjected to "Nuclear Deterrence", weakening their Physical/Magic Attack and Physical/Magic Crit. Enemies hit by the Franzicopter's nuclear bomb (ultimate) have their Armor reduced, and will be stunned for a period of time.


Bounty Hunter
Master Assassin

Garrick's Physical Attack increase over time accelerates, and will continue to accumulate and explode between normal attacks.

Goblin Squad

Explosive Experts
Toxic Dispersion

The Goblin Squad equips footsoldiers with a new device that significantly improves survivability. Footsoldiers now also carry toxic land mines that spread a poison fog upon detonation, inflicting additional damage over time to enemies caught within.


Chaos Rider
Illusory Deception

For every illusionary warrior that exists, Goram will receive a buff (maximum of 9) which raises his Physical Attack, Defense, Magic Armor, Dodge Rating and Physical Hit Bonus, while at the same time he is able to regenerate health and energy at faster rate. If there are tree or more illusions on the battlefield, Goram will not be abled to be targeted or controlled by enemies for a certain period of time.


Double-Headed Dragon
Mature Form

ice Jet will instantly freeze enemy units who has been affected by Gremor's fire damage. When Firestorm casted on frozen enemy units, their defense will be lowered (only activated once on each enemy). Gremor's fire skills bring burn damage, while ice skill slow enemy.


The Beserker

Gromok's "Death Blow" ability will now ignore enemy armor and will be triggered if the enemy's HP is 40% or lower, instead of the original 30%. If an enemy is killed by "Death Blow", the ability's damage will be raised including the percentage of the enemy's health needed to trigger the ability. Gromok will also receive 30% worth of the enemy's health before they died in the form of a shield.


Infernal Swordsman

When a friendly hero is about to be killed, Hurok frees himself from all control effects and devours his ally, gaining buffs (see the devouring skills description for details) and restoring health (scaling with spell power). Devoured allies are considered to have been killed by Hurok, and not the enemy team. Up to two teammates can be devoured in a battle, at least 15 seconds apart.


Sun Goddess
Solar Corona

Each time Jasmine uses her ability "Illuminate" on a teammate, all negative effects affecting them are dispelled. (Certain negative effects cannot be dispelled).


Arctic Explorer
Winter Chill

Kaneq condemns all enemy forces to the frigid cold. All enemy units suffer 20% less health recovery (including Lifesteal), reduced Dodge and ongoing damage while Kaneq is still alive.


Gargoyle Spirit
Demonic Power

Health regeneration is increased in stone form. The lower the current life value, the greater the recovery bonus. In flight, spell power is increased. The higher the current life value, the more spell power is increased after shape conversion.


Monkey King
Soul Separation

Each illusion warriors Kong has summoned increases his attack by 80%. Damage Kong and his illusion received will be equally transferred to all his illusions.


Mad Alchemist
Ultimate Alchemy

Konrad generates layers of Alchemy Formula depending on enemy's type (DPS, tank or support). Each of enemy hero's attack and casting skill will generate Konrad extra layer of Alchemy Formula and 20 points alchemy energy, each hero only stack 5 layers maximum. When he is using Potion Master, all of the Alchemy Formula will be activated. If he activate tank formula, maximum damage of "Shattering Vial" increases to 100% of hero's Health. Every layers of tank formula activated grants next cast of "Shattering Vial" reduces energy by 10% and increases targets Health by 10%. Every layers of DPS formula activated increases damage of "Potion Master". Every layers of Support formula activated grants less Physical Damage within 5s.


Sawblade Guardian
Power Smash

Having this powerful buzzsaw provides Lars with a significant Energy Recovery bonus, enhancing Dynamic Armor and all skill damage. Enemies hit by any Lars skill will now suffer a lengthy bleeding effect, which ignores enemy defense and can't be dispelled.

Li Twins

Masters of Fate

The Li Twins have mastered the power of Yin and Yang to earn a steady Health and Energy bonus, take reduced damage when joined, and reflect damage back to their attackers when separated (but only up to 10% of their total health and when both twins are alive). The death of one twin will Enrage the other, boosting ability effects.


Dragon Soul
Dragon Soul Release

Unlimited Dragon form duration. When 2 allies have died, if Magdor is in Dragon form he will become Enraged, regaining 25% of his max HP. Enraged mode drains energy and increases Attack Power (attack power boost scales with the star rating of dead allies) and decreases debuff durations. Magdor will fight smarter while enraged.


Dwarven Sniper
Rifle Master Avatar

Magnus' critical attack will stun enemy unit for 5s. When Magnus attacks stunned enemy, he will gain extra energy and critical hit rate.


The Wild One
Bestow Strength

Malax Bestows Strength on himself before battle, increasing his Physical Attack and ability range. Malax also Bestows Strength onto allies to increase Physical Attack at regular intervals, starting with his most powerful ally. The strength buff lasts for the whole battle.


Mutant Beast

Malrath becomes increasingly bloodthirsty every time any unit on the battlefield takes damage. Each layer of bloodthirst strengthens Malrath's Physical Armor, Magic Armor and reduces the time he can be controlled.. Once Malrath's bloodthirst has reached 6 layers his Physical Attack and Attack Speed are increased for a period of time while he is also immune to control abilities.


The Nimble Touch
Shadow Melt

Masuru can melt into the shadows to disappear from combat for 4 seconds at a crucial moment. He will regenerate a certain amount of HP in this state before returning. This ability can only be used once per battle.


Cosmic Guardian
Dark Horror

When an enemy's intelligence is reduced to zero, they lose a certain amount of HP and Energy, and their Max HP in temporarily reduced. Mazir also gains HP and Energy based on the amount lost by the target, as well as a boost to his Magic Attack.


Dragon Born
Dragon Roar

Aerial form: casts a Dragon Roar with every three attacks. Humanoid: casts a Dragon Roar with every six attacks. Each Dragon Roar inflicts Divine Damage and Energy loss to all enemies. Roars must be at least 3 seconds apart.


Queen of Destruction
Soul Touch

Within a period of time after using Mirielle's Touch, Mirielle will steal a percentage of the target enemy's HP and energy recovery.


Barbarian Warlock
Duck Emperor's Feast

The Dark Emperor Scepter imbues Mog's normal and piercing attacks with the ability to occasionally turn enemies into a black duck. Mog also Life Leeches from the ducks at set intervals.


Night Hunter

Mystical artifacts enable Morfir to burn mana in basic attacks and absorb magic from successful attacks. This makes Morfir immune to 3 magic attacks when he dashes and turns damage from these attacks into divine damage which he unleashes on those around him.


Night Walker

When Nightshade unleashes "Cunning Flank" or the first time Health drops below 40%, she will receive Divine Power to protect her against Magic Damage and most Control Abilities for 5 seconds.


Frozen Sorceress
Inner Flames

Enhanced Frost Armor recovers allies' Health whilst slowing enemies who attack them.


Sea Adventurer
Shadow Mantle

Octo enters Shadow mode the first time his HP drops below 35%, protecting him from targeted abilities and giving his attacks an injury bonus. The injury bonus prevents the target from recovering lost health for a certain period and restores some of Octo's health based on the amount of damage dealt.


Soul Eater

Orkon receives a slow Health Recovery bonus after every attack (stackable up to a point). Increases Orkon's Physical Attack multiplier for all abilities.


Volcano Dweller
Second stage Petros

Other than blessings, Second stage Petros can hold cheese and ball fragments. When Petros' health drops below 30%, he consumes cheese, restoring health, energy and ball fragments. This effect can be used once per battle. If this effect is not triggered before Petros' dies, the cheese and ball fragments are halved and used by the enemy.


The Burning Flame
Burning Embers

Embers released by the ultimate will continue to burn away the life of nearby enemies (but cannot be lethal).


The Bloodthirsty
Spear of Wrath

Fiery Fury is much stronger with the new artifact in Rakash's hands. Fiery Fury's burn now stacks 10 times and lasts even longer.


Wolf Child
Wolf Form

Riley gains temporary health recovery when she attacks the back line enemy in wolf form and become more powerful after awakening.


Ruthless Mercenary
Battle Concentration

Rodan focuses his mind 15 seconds after the battle begins, during which time he cannot be killed by taking damage, gains immunity to most control debuffs, and receives greatly increased Physical Attack.


Lightning God
Guardian Charge

Sagar unleashes Lightning Orb while using Guardian Charge to protect all of his teammates, increasing their armor. if a unit with Guardian Charge has been attacked certain times, the Guardian Charge will push enemies away and slow them. The more damage a unit has received the more likely enemies will be pushed to the edge of the battlefield, stunned and with their armor decreased. Unit with immunity will receive additional slow effect. Every Guardian Charge can push enemies away maximum 3 times.


Orcish Chieftan
Blood Bath

While the ability "Blood Bath" is in effect, its effects will be extended each time Salus slays an enemy or makes a kill assist (ability can be stacked and excludes slain summoned creatures) and also allows him to use his "Roar" ability once more.


Fearless Rider
Mark of Luna

After equipping the Mystic Artifact, Sarya's Flying Knife damage is no longer reduced as it bounces between targets. Moonbeams now inflict a Mark of Luna (Max 3) on any target they hit. When a target with Mark of Luna is hit by a Flying Knife, the bounce counter is reset, and one mark is removed.


Protector of The Light
Divine Punishment

Righteous Wrath damage increases depending on the number of times it hits enemy.


Crazed Butcher
Fearless Frame

"Mortal Mist" remains active in battle while boosting Shirley's Health Recovery.


The Immortal King
King's Return

Skulptor's "Flying Mallet" can become enlarged to increase the area of effect damage, dealing additional Divine Damage to the target. Damage dealt from a critical strike is greatly increased. Skulptor is revived immediately, after which Health and Energy Recovery are greatly increased.


Outlaw Marksman
Holy Light

Slim is covered in Holy Light, greatly boosting and reducing the cooldown on Dual Threat and Flaming Bolt while converting Magnum damage to Divine Damage.


Renowned Illusionist
Energy Conversion

After Solomon turns an enemy into a weak minion, the minion becomes extremely vulnerable to his magic, allowing Solomon to convert a percentage of the damage received by the minion into energy which he gives to his nearest ally.


Shadow Rider
Final Frost

Soren commands the power of ice, granting all active skills an Ice effect and extra buffs. Revitalizing Shield: increases shield absorption and slows any units damaging the Soren while the shield is in effect. All slowed enemies on the battlefield are frozen once the shield disappears. Hand of Justice: inflicts an additional slow on enemies when released. Shadow Shield: slows enemies near units protected by the Shadow Shield while in effect.


The Eternal Storm

Sun casts another phantom when returning back to his original location after using his Ball Lightning ability. When the phantom explodes, Sun will recover a certain amount of health.


Mystic Sorceress
Soul Surge

Adorning Cursed Glory allows Sylphi to regenerate her energy at a faster rate. Cursed Glory also allows Sylphi to release an orb when she uses her ultimate ability, that absorbs anguished spirits. The orb has the following effects: 1. Greatly increases the overall health regeneration and also regenerates health when the ultimate ability is used. 2. After the orb has finished absorbing anguished spirits it then explodes, causing damage that ignores all types of armor, however this damage only affects other heroes, and deals massive amounts of damage to relatively weak heroes. If Sylphi dies the orb's explosion will not cause damage when it explodes.


Dragon Slayer
Brave Attack

When Tareth taken damage up to 10 times, she launches Brave Attack and knock back enemy. Tareth deals more damage as she receives more.


Mighty Minotaur
The Spirit of Ancestors

Blessed by The Spirit of Ancestors, "Raging Bull" deals additional divine damage and extra stun time.


Barbarian of the North
Wild Awakening

Boosts Physical Damage from Tholin's Whirling Axe and the toxicity of his wolverines' venomous darts.


Divine Pharaoh
Mummy's Curse

Enemies trapped under Mummify lose continual HP under this corrosive virus until their duplicate is destroyed.


Paper Doll
Ursula's Anchor

Ursula cushions herself and nearby allies from a percentage of Magic Damage using her flexible frame at Health over 50%. Ursula supercharges her and allies' Physical Attack with rage at Health under 50%.


Centaur Warrior
Battle Roar

Valan lets out a roar, mocking all enemies behind him (enemies he is not facing).


Ancient Treant
Forest Elder

Completing the Mystic Artifact quests will boost Vernon' energy recovery and allow him to reflect part of incoming Physical Damage back on the attacker while using Weapons of the Forest. His summoned plants will also be changed as follows: Poisonblooms can slow enemies. Energy flowers grant Vernos more energy (PvP only) and also grant energy to the closest friendly hero. Onion-bomb explosions now stun and reduce armor.


Wasp Mercenary
Bane Poison

Vespix 'steal' the enemy's Physical Attack and Accuracy when his Poison is working - stolen attributes quickly recover, but Vespix keeps the new attributes permanently (up to 5 times). Poison also gives Vespix extra Health Regeneration.


Thunderbolt Wielder
Pulse Focus

Once Volt has taken a certain percentage of his max HP in damage, he will unleash his pent-up electricity on all nearby foes, reducing their current energy and energy recovery rate.


Invisible Threat
Avatar of Shadow

Vulko becomes the incarnation of the shadow. Once he has taken a certain amount of damage, Vulko gains a damage-absorbing shield, and his attacks gain additional holy damage scaling with the target's Max HP. Under the protection of the shadow, Vulko recovers HP when he becomes invisible, and will unleash a quick attack on nearby enemies when his invisibility ends, dealing damage and silencing them.


Scourge of the Sands
Champion's Spirit

When Xanos's life is less than 60% can release this skill. This skill can restore life and energy. It's also can strengthen the Magic power of all other skills.


The Elimintor
Rainbow Drain

Zander's dimensional skills have reached a new level of brilliance. Detonation or normal attacks give an ability cooldown bonus, Hunger gives an energy bonus, and Zander creates a protective shield from excess health derived from Hunger attacks.