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Shape Shifter"Your strengths will become your weakness."Shop: Guild Emporium
Back Line DPS: Can temporarily transform into an enemy and destroy them with their own abilities.


List of Badges
D2fee02a f969 4d69 86c0 5cd5c8c42957Mana OverloadWraxius and other heroes with the Arcane Staff will have increased Magic Attack.Wraxius

Positioning / Back Line

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Stats growth

7* Wraxius stats compared to other Back Line heroes.
Physical Attack
Magic Attack
Physical Armor
Magic Armor

Physical Attack3.
Magic Attack67.28.49.610.8
Physical Armor1.
Magic Armor2.


Ultimate Morph

Ultimate Morph

Wraxius utilizes the Ultimate of an enemy of your choice. When this Ability is activated, the target select symbol will cycle through his enemies. Tapping his portrait again will cause Wraxius to use the Ultimate of the selected enemy. If that enemy has no Ultimate that can be borrowed, Wraxius will borrow a secondary Ability or use Netherworld Shock instead.

Netherworld Shock

Netherworld Shock

Fire a stream of netherworld energy which strikes 4 enemies in succession, dealing severe Magic Damage.

Instant Morph

Instant Morph

Instantaneously borrow and utilize a non-Ultimate ability of a random enemy. Note that even if Wraxius borrows a Physical Ability, its damage will scale based on Wraxius' Magic Attack stat. If no abilities are available to be borrowed, Wraxius will use "Netherworld Shock" instead.

Abyssal Power

Abyssal Power

Summon the essence of the nether to strengthen Wraxius' Magic Attack.

Mana Overload

Mana Overload


Wraxius and other heroes with the Arcane Staff will have increased Magic Attack.

Fusion items

magic attack: +14max health: +90magic crit rating: +5physical attack: +5
Jewel Band
Jewel BandLevel req. 2
Wool Garment
Wool GarmentLevel req. 2
Twilight Orb
Twilight OrbLevel req. 2
Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst CrystalLevel req. 2
Jewel Band
Jewel BandLevel req. 2
Copper Longsword
Copper LongswordLevel req. 1
magic armor: +10magic attack: +27magic crit rating: +5max health: +15
Cretan Chestplate
Cretan ChestplateLevel req. 7
Crystal Vial
Crystal VialLevel req. 7
Starfall Wand
Starfall WandLevel req. 7
Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst CrystalLevel req. 2
Twilight Orb
Twilight OrbLevel req. 2
Jewel Band
Jewel BandLevel req. 2
max health: +80magic attack: +48physical attack: +18magic crit rating: +5
Mana Boots
Mana BootsLevel req. 14
Wolf Fang
Wolf FangLevel req. 8
Crimson Staff
Crimson StaffLevel req. 8
Crystal Vial
Crystal VialLevel req. 7
Starfall Wand
Starfall WandLevel req. 7
Amethyst Crystal
Amethyst CrystalLevel req. 2
magic armor: +20magic crit rating: +18magic attack: +61dodge rating: +10physical armor: +8max health: +270
Dragon's Fang
Dragon's FangLevel req. 21
Wizardry Codex
Wizardry CodexLevel req. 19
Gem of Purification
Gem of PurificationLevel req. 16
Amulet of Dexterity
Amulet of DexterityLevel req. 12
Red Jade
Red JadeLevel req. 11
Crystal Vial
Crystal VialLevel req. 7
lifesteal: +15physical attack: +30magic armor: +35magic crit rating: +21magic attack: +72magic pierce rating: +30energy efficiency: +5%
Demonic Longsword
Demonic LongswordLevel req. 36
Scepter of Prophecy
Scepter of ProphecyLevel req. 31
Obsidian Tome
Obsidian TomeLevel req. 29
Longsword of the UndeadCasket of Time
Casket of TimeLevel req. 22
Silk Shroud
Silk ShroudLevel req. 9
magic pierce rating: +108magic armor: +40magic crit rating: +31physical attack: +63magic attack: +68
Ritual Blade
Ritual BladeLevel req. 49
Jade Kylin
Jade KylinLevel req. 47
Golden Mallet
Golden MalletLevel req. 47
Shadow Mantle
Shadow MantleLevel req. 40
Obsidian Tome
Obsidian TomeLevel req. 29
Gem of Purification
Gem of PurificationLevel req. 16
magic armor: +21magic attack: +150max health: +2225magic pierce rating: +63physical armor: +25physical attack: +20
Phantom Jar
Phantom JarLevel req. 57
Crystal Staff
Crystal StaffLevel req. 53
Clasp of Life
Clasp of LifeLevel req. 52
Ritual Blade
Ritual BladeLevel req. 49
Charger Boots
Charger BootsLevel req. 49
Viking Helmet
Viking HelmetLevel req. 34
max health: +1500physical attack: +30magic attack: +342energy recovery: +150magic pierce rating: +85
Ice Smasher
Ice SmasherLevel req. 64
Wellspring Water
Wellspring WaterLevel req. 61
Sage Wand
Sage WandLevel req. 60
Conjuring Chain
Conjuring ChainLevel req. 58
Crystal Staff
Crystal StaffLevel req. 53
Runic Eulogy
Runic EulogyLevel req. 50
magic attack: +481ability level bonus: +2max health: +950magic armor: +51magic crit rating: +30physical attack: +43
Grand Staff
Grand StaffLevel req. 73
Scepter of the AbyssVoodoo Manuscript
Voodoo ManuscriptLevel req. 66
Tri-spirit Orb
Tri-spirit OrbLevel req. 65
Sage Wand
Sage WandLevel req. 60
Phantom Jar
Phantom JarLevel req. 57
max health: +2000magic attack: +470magic armor: +128magic pierce rating: +20physical attack: +100energy efficiency: +8%magic crit rating: +30
Frozen Teardrop
Frozen TeardropLevel req. 80
Chain Pendant
Chain PendantLevel req. 79
ShurikenLevel req. 76
Adamantite Scimitar
Adamantite ScimitarLevel req. 70
Scepter of Time
Scepter of TimeLevel req. 67
Lilith Staff
Lilith StaffLevel req. 62
max health: +3600magic armor: +345magic attack: +362magic crit rating: +35physical armor: +50physical attack: +55
Sword of Olympus
Sword of OlympusLevel req. 82
Demonic Visage
Demonic VisageLevel req. 81
Torch of DestructionArt of War
Art of WarLevel req. 80
Dark Wizard's FigurineGoblet of the Ancients
max health: +2250magic attack: +680magic crit rating: +80magic pierce rating: +100magic armor: +40
Book of Mysteries
Book of MysteriesLevel req. 87
ThunderboltLevel req. 85
Victory's Scepter
Victory's ScepterLevel req. 85
Midnight Dream
Midnight DreamLevel req. 80
ShurikenLevel req. 76
max health: +4500magic armor: +210magic attack: +520chance of resisting silence: +10%energy recovery: +180magic pierce rating: +60physical armor: +60
Transforming Mask
Transforming MaskLevel req. 94
Jewel of Helios
Jewel of HeliosLevel req. 92
Staff of IlluminationCaduceus
CaduceusLevel req. 89
Helmet of Darkness
Helmet of DarknessLevel req. 86
max health: +2400magic attack: +640magic crit rating: +180magic pierce rating: +370chance of resisting silence: +30physical armor: +65
Crescent Staff
Crescent StaffLevel req. 99
Cloak of Wisdom
Cloak of WisdomLevel req. 98
Lost Epic
Lost EpicLevel req. 95
Priestly Scepter
Priestly ScepterLevel req. 93
Angelic Fan
Angelic FanLevel req. 91
Key Items

Talent Tree: MysticismView academy skills description.

D940ecb0 93b1 4229 a4c2 b0b836ed74c1Artes MísticasMagic Armor+40 at lvl 5
270e6e0b e78d 43f5 abcf df01acb3fa0cProdução de ArmaduraPhysical Armor+40 at lvl 5
6dd08f5a 197d 44e5 aca6 241b01a3ea51Poções de CuraHealing Ratio+6% at lvl 5
1b2c8009 7a89 499e a6c0 cffb54158e39Resistência à FeitiçosSpell Recovery Time+12% at lvl 5
F96dfc3e e856 4d6f b8e3 daa655d89710Manobras EvasivasDodge Rating+20 at lvl 5
05125399 560f 4e3f a75f ffd18d81b902Campo de ForçaHit Recovery Time+12.5% at lvl 5
5bc1e2c8 f298 4519 a6ba cb5d1e0e41b6Regeneração de EnergiaEnergy Bonus+11% at lvl 5
4e1d2b77 f457 4526 8329 0405efcdd5b0Perito ElementalEnergy Efficiency+5% at lvl 5
908bf52d bc29 454a 8c8b 77794c3c4527Táticas GeraisAbility Level+5 at lvl 5
Df1f5c29 fdb3 484e 9ec6 dc0d90c80bf9Magia ExplosivaMagic Pierce Rating+30.5 at lvl 5
1fcd58cf bf3d 44a8 a607 00a8af251629Feitiços OfensivosMagic Attack+175.5 at lvl 5

Talent Tree: Elemental MagicView academy skills description.

Bf350f4f c895 434e 8ece b88378aaebfbResistência à DanosPhysical Resistance+3% at lvl 5
983d6ce0 dbc5 4384 b440 d7f75923804aFurtividadeMagic Resistance+3% at lvl 5
A5506373 05b4 4d50 b96c 87fb4d17c46eCondicionamento FísicoMax Health+1500 at lvl 5
Cd8c569c 2adb 4960 a53a 29020e152f8cFeitiços de CuraHealth Recovery+1000 at lvl 5
D8e236cd 8e96 4898 a4ca 99e01dc4c8edPerito em FeitiçosEnergy Recovery+120 at lvl 5
75b3fa2e e1da 45c8 9383 4098bb989c57Resistência à SilêncioSilence Resist+6% at lvl 5
93acda99 9fa2 4cc6 8ed7 f80fd3eb9c8bLuta FinalKill Bonus Resistance+11% at lvl 5
C8da31dd 386f 4c39 ae6f ccf5fab0890fDefesa TáticaPhysical Toughness+16% at lvl 5
D1e4bf7c ff52 49c5 8bf2 6a4efa45089aAbençoarMagic Toughness+16% at lvl 5
8122191a 95db 4d5b 8fc5 e987509ea323Magia das TrevasMagic Crit Damage+21% at lvl 5
41fdad62 145e 433a 8fa4 2e8bb4d01f67Feitiçaria de BatalhaMagic Crit Rating+42 at lvl 5

Pet Equipment

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
Item 6
Acce4b00 d63d 44cb 8ff7 7e69a8b79227
max health: +1890dodge rating: +24physical armor: +54physical attack: +142
Ba8a2684 c059 4c5a a156 25b29dd41e35
max health: +2000physical armor: +48physical attack: +60
045cfeb9 57a8 427d 9b5e 805380ceea46
max health: +4500magic attack: +375magic crit rating: +80ability level bonus: +10magic pierce rating: +20
86894131 2464 40d3 94a3 3a3700c4b94c
max health: +660magic attack: +200magic pierce rating: +10
Cb88cdd8 92b6 4b4f 9049 4ee42f721ab4
max health: +1320magic attack: +340magic crit rating: +42