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Dino Girl"Don't mess with the Dino Girl!"Shop: Guild EmporiumEpisodes: Ch.13: Curl of Smoke
Fron Line DPS: In Dinosaur form Dina can destroy enemies with quick strikes and slash attacks. She can also reflect enemy attacks causing huge damage.


Source: Viability List
5Recommended for using
4Can be used
3Situative use
2Can't be used in some places
1Not suitable for use
Gladiator Arena
Crucible of Fire
Hall of Legends
Prophecy Pool
Sky Fortress
Chaos Tower


List of Badges
BeautyFemale allies of heroes that possess the Female symbol will receive a Physical Attack increase.
Day DreamHeroes that possess a Dreamer tag receive increased Magic Armor.
Dragon KingHeroes that possess a Dragonkin symbol will have their maximum HP increased.

Positioning / Front Line

Stats growth

7* Dina stats compared to other Front Line heroes.
Physical Attack
Magic Attack
Physical Armor
Magic Armor

Physical Attack6.789.310.712
Magic Attack00000
Physical Armor2.83.444.55.1
Magic Armor2.533.544.5


Prehistoric Beast

Prehistoric Beast

Dina transforms into a dinosaur that has increased attack range and attack speed, as well as extremely fast health recovery. While in dinosaur form, she can also reflect 60% of the damage she receives back at enemies.

Golden Shield

Golden Shield

Dina hides behind a golden shield, reducing the damage she takes by 50%. If she takes 4 attacks within a short period, she will react by dealing a large amount of AOE Physical Damage.

Savage Slash

Savage Slash

Dina unleashes her built up potential all at once, dealing a quick series of strikes to the enemy in front of her, dealing Physical Damage and lifting the enemy.

Predators Claws

Predators Claws

While in dinosaur form, Dina will slash at enemies with her sharp claws as her basic attack, dealing additional Physical Damage over a large area.

Day Dream

Day Dream


Heroes that possess a Dreamer tag receive increased Magic Armor.

Fusion items

max health: +145health recovery: +30physical pierce rating: +5physical armor: +5physical attack: +10
Spartan Helmet
Spartan HelmetLevel req. 2
Wrist-GuardsLevel req. 2
Wooden Buckler
Wooden BucklerLevel req. 2
Wool Garment
Wool GarmentLevel req. 2
Copper Longsword
Copper LongswordLevel req. 1
Copper Longsword
Copper LongswordLevel req. 1
physical armor: +19health recovery: +60physical pierce rating: +10physical attack: +10physical crit rating: +5
Leather Waders
Leather WadersLevel req. 7
Piercing Shiv
Piercing ShivLevel req. 7
Steel Sword
Steel SwordLevel req. 7
Wooden Buckler
Wooden BucklerLevel req. 2
Elven Recurve Bow
Elven Recurve BowLevel req. 2
Copper Longsword
Copper LongswordLevel req. 1
physical armor: +10physical attack: +36physical crit rating: +23max health: +150
Steel Shin Kickers
Steel Shin KickersLevel req. 13
Bramble Stick
Bramble StickLevel req. 10
Wolf Fang
Wolf FangLevel req. 8
Giants Girdle
Giants GirdleLevel req. 7
Gladiator's ClaymoreElven Recurve Bow
Elven Recurve BowLevel req. 2
magic armor: +30physical attack: +55dodge rating: +5physical armor: +5physical pierce rating: +18max health: +345
Aurora Torch
Aurora TorchLevel req. 28
Hefty War-axe
Hefty War-axeLevel req. 27
Warrior's Gloves
Warrior's GlovesLevel req. 23
Fleeting Boots
Fleeting BootsLevel req. 14
Red Jade
Red JadeLevel req. 11
Copper Axe
Copper AxeLevel req. 7
magic armor: +52health recovery: +270max health: +1125physical armor: +45dodge rating: +5physical attack: +20physical crit rating: +15lifesteal: +9
Dwarvish Chestplate
Dwarvish ChestplateLevel req. 41
Emerald Cuirass
Emerald CuirassLevel req. 37
Viking Helmet
Viking HelmetLevel req. 34
Warrior's Gloves
Warrior's GlovesLevel req. 23
Berserker's ClaymoreSkull Bonnet
Skull BonnetLevel req. 18
magic armor: +103dodge rating: +10physical armor: +13physical attack: +108physical crit rating: +75
Cloud Walkers
Cloud WalkersLevel req. 48
Golden Mallet
Golden MalletLevel req. 47
Luna's Boots
Luna's BootsLevel req. 45
Mask of Sacrifice
Mask of SacrificeLevel req. 32
BroadswordLevel req. 30
Meteor Flail
Meteor FlailLevel req. 25
physical armor: +55physical attack: +145physical hit bonus: +50physical crit rating: +6max health: +1725health recovery: +378magic armor: +22ability level bonus: +1
Tribal Battleaxe
Tribal BattleaxeLevel req. 58
Heavy Club
Heavy ClubLevel req. 57
Ancient Royal Sword
Ancient Royal SwordLevel req. 53
Gem of Vigor
Gem of VigorLevel req. 50
Banshee Essence
Banshee EssenceLevel req. 44
Legendary Gemstone
Legendary GemstoneLevel req. 38
max health: +1800physical attack: +120magic armor: +138health recovery: +600lifesteal: +50physical armor: +105dodge rating: +20
Ice Smasher
Ice SmasherLevel req. 64
Elvish Etude
Elvish EtudeLevel req. 63
Grim Slasher
Grim SlasherLevel req. 61
Tribal Battleaxe
Tribal BattleaxeLevel req. 58
Stealth Cape
Stealth CapeLevel req. 56
Luna's Boots
Luna's BootsLevel req. 45
max health: +2250ability level bonus: +2healing bonus: +28%physical armor: +216physical crit rating: +110magic armor: +44health recovery: +510
Conqueror's ChestplateNature's Power
Nature's PowerLevel req. 71
Doomsday Armor
Doomsday ArmorLevel req. 67
DemolisherLevel req. 60
Fire Ruby
Fire RubyLevel req. 59
Sapphire Bracelet
Sapphire BraceletLevel req. 54
dodge rating: +30physical armor: +160physical attack: +333max health: +3800magic armor: +50ability level bonus: +2
Butterfly Swords
Butterfly SwordsLevel req. 79
Recovery Potion
Recovery PotionLevel req. 78
Dark Wizard's FigurinePride's Protector
Pride's ProtectorLevel req. 72
Doomsday Blade
Doomsday BladeLevel req. 68
Guardian Plate
Guardian PlateLevel req. 62
physical attack: +350physical crit rating: +308physical pierce rating: +80physical hit bonus: +100lifesteal: +50max health: +1000physical armor: +95magic armor: +30
Gaia's Cutlass
Gaia's CutlassLevel req. 84
Poseidon's Trident
Poseidon's TridentLevel req. 83
Demon's Skull
Demon's SkullLevel req. 82
Goblin's Scimitar
Goblin's ScimitarLevel req. 77
Whisperwind Bow
Whisperwind BowLevel req. 76
Light Battleaxe
Light BattleaxeLevel req. 71
max health: +5400dodge rating: +90physical armor: +160magic armor: +130health recovery: +2640physical attack: +205physical crit rating: +40physical pierce rating: +100
Armor of Shadows
Armor of ShadowsLevel req. 89
AegisLevel req. 89
Blade of Cataclysm
Blade of CataclysmLevel req. 87
Titanic Axe
Titanic AxeLevel req. 84
Demonic Visage
Demonic VisageLevel req. 81
max health: +5800physical attack: +285physical pierce rating: +80magic armor: +160dodge rating: +30physical armor: +290
Shadow Slayer
Shadow SlayerLevel req. 93
Kalerian Granite
Kalerian GraniteLevel req. 92
Commander's Blade
Commander's BladeLevel req. 90
Mystic Dragonscale
Mystic DragonscaleLevel req. 87
Nemean Hide
Nemean HideLevel req. 85
max health: +9950magic armor: +330physical armor: +315ability level bonus: +1chance of resisting silence: +10%energy efficiency: +5%physical attack: +70control time reduction: +10
Paladin's Chestplate
Paladin's ChestplateLevel req. 100
Sphere of the Sands
Sphere of the SandsLevel req. 98
Stormrider Armor
Stormrider ArmorLevel req. 96
Renegade's Armor
Renegade's ArmorLevel req. 94
Beastly Guardian
Beastly GuardianLevel req. 92
Key Items

Talent Tree: TacticsView academy skills description.

Resistência à SilêncioSilence Resist+4% at lvl 5
Luta FinalKill Bonus Resistance+7% at lvl 5
Artes MarciaisPhysical Crit Damage+12% at lvl 5
EsgrimaPhysical Pierce Rating+17.5 at lvl 5
Resistência à DanosPhysical Resistance+5% at lvl 5
FurtividadeMagic Resistance+5% at lvl 5
Artes MísticasMagic Armor+80 at lvl 5
Produção de ArmaduraPhysical Armor+80 at lvl 5
Táticas GeraisAbility Level+5 at lvl 5
Resistência à FeitiçosSpell Recovery Time+21% at lvl 5
Campo de ForçaHit Recovery Time+22% at lvl 5

Talent Tree: HonorView academy skills description.

Defesa TáticaPhysical Toughness+8% at lvl 5
AbençoarMagic Toughness+8% at lvl 5
Condicionamento FísicoMax Health+1500 at lvl 5
Dreno de VitalidadeLife Steal+12 at lvl 5
Táticas OfensivasPhysical Crit Rating+24 at lvl 5
Perito em ArmasPhysical Attack+100 at lvl 5
Boa PontariaPhysical Hit Bonus+40 at lvl 5
Regeneração de EnergiaEnergy Bonus+11% at lvl 5
Perito ElementalEnergy Efficiency+5% at lvl 5
Poções de CuraHealing Ratio+10.5% at lvl 5
Manobras EvasivasDodge Rating+34.5 at lvl 5

Pet Equipment

Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5
Item 6
max health: +1500magic armor: +30health recovery: +200physical attack: +80
max health: +1890dodge rating: +24physical armor: +54physical attack: +142
max health: +1200magic armor: +42physical attack: +144physical crit rating: +19
max health: +5500magic armor: +200dodge rating: +25physical attack: +500energy efficiency: +15
max health: +550magic armor: +20hit recovery: +10physical armor: +18physical attack: +65

Recommended pets

Blood WingSupreme
PorkchopLegendaryEnhances his master's survivability and reduces enemies' energy.
MikaRareAuxilia seu mestre dando aumento de velocidade.
DrippUncommonGives its master increased Physical Armor.

Tarot Set Bonuses

The Chariot

Physical AttackActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

The Hermit

Dodge RatingActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Dina Awakening

Quest 2Tidal Temple

Dina must complete Tidal Temple 2 times
Extreme+ Difficulty