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Pets boost master’s Physical Attack, Magical Attack and Health.
To get a pet for your favorite hero, first you’ll need to obtain an egg. You can find eggs in Normal and Heroic Stages of Chapter 17.
Only heroes who have reached Orange+2 fusion may adopt a pet.

B68d32d3 243d 441e bd66 ace8fbcf4a7bPet color badge 5Blood WingSupreme
F93037db ceb9 4aa3 8c7e a2cc23e85d8ePet color badge 5Mutant RabbitSupreme
6db7aed3 4070 4f1a 889b ff14dccc4563Pet color badge 5OscarSupremeB60de04a 3e70 41fc 8e9b c02d08610861 2d4580b1 f989 44fd a48f 9a14f62dcc70 
292fbd26 1771 4031 bcee b5f68157bd43Pet color badge 4CocoLegendaryIncreases master's survivability, useful for both offense and defense.Fdec35b0 7b5e 41e6 8518 07410d37443b 5583de74 7bea 4f16 9e1a bf731f938bed 
0bde3c89 5039 4c71 bba1 911540fb5db2Pet color badge 4GnixLegendaryGnix raises his owner's Attack Speed and is able to silence his enemies while at the same time causing damage over time to them.18eaf483 4409 46bb a2c9 7d4e7de67482 391018ae cbbe 4320 89d8 9745af5a681c 
32bb69e3 4f43 446a a895 4d875818e8adPet color badge 4HeishaLegendaryBe18a349 f1c2 4eab bcfa 7c27c87467f5 2c207131 4807 426c abe7 4fc6ccfff6ba 
5f680345 1141 464b a5c2 c1be4942599ePet color badge 4MiaoLegendaryMiao can simultaneously increase her owner's magic abilities and survivability.8d760cb6 2b09 4521 b895 1acab1f8f6bc 693c125b b7be 46a3 b16f 424d6d514d9b 
925528b5 75ef 434f 86fd 97c61ae8da6fPet color badge 4PeggyLegendaryCan simultaneously boost their masters offensive and defensive capability.A37648ee 322e 47cd a632 fc5059503ae6 3eaa2cf7 4be7 4eac ba39 9c4cc0df9ced 
5cc54011 0b50 49da a616 d3c1d88d1cc7Pet color badge 4PorkchopLegendaryEnhances his master's survivability and reduces enemies' energy.Ad717d00 0288 4636 bd28 6ae8ca10fd03 55ce8a86 a26d 4c58 89b0 8ab653a5592e 
9d792f7d 105f 4785 9272 5773455b903ePet color badge 4PugsleyLegendaryGives its master increased attack ability.1355c68a ffbd 4cda af83 3b534b5fdfab E898d15b 0a2d 4c89 b9da 466bbb080dd8 
C3296dc2 feb6 49a5 8bd6 8c97ddd9f381Pet color badge 3AbiRareCan reduce his owner's cooldown times.D407dec4 867a 4a72 a9c0 e8699dbb8137 40da9c57 c23b 47e5 bcce c3bb451a03b4 
F1d9238c f1b5 4ba2 9816 384ca5c67e12Pet color badge 3AngusRareIncreases their masters survivability.86d40b2c 138f 49e0 a6c8 41b7e1f3e1f0 2d7c1da7 9cbd 4f29 bf32 2c53fa5ca63f 
E22d2a19 4c06 43ec bc1a 4548445a3207Pet color badge 3CorvusRareCan increase his owner's magic potency and survivability.D770059f 8caf 4e70 98ab 5393154d0da0 2b09931f afed 476a aba6 6bf135c1dab0 
6778c59e 4ce9 4ca7 b625 369d3462ffa6Pet color badge 3EmersonRareGives his master increased attack ability.Bdb3798c 8b74 47d4 82b1 9759b2d29783 7cc51e0e 39be 49d1 ae65 24997e932ff6 
42f95f74 abf5 4fde be4a 75bbe0a90b95Pet color badge 3Jack O'LanternRareGives their master increased Magic Attack and Armor.4f4ea051 5abf 4472 855d ce54cb846a2c 85841913 6cb2 41f3 93c7 35253ea102ec 
5f004947 5508 4a62 b79d 4f01140353ccPet color badge 3LynxRareCan raise his owner's Physical Attack rating and reduce his enemies'.07d4fe42 0768 4587 ab5b dc4c959ec788 4bef9a16 90ab 456f 9ba7 9f7b3f1f649e 
8bb9b352 7ec2 4d08 b35a 5516c1f381eePet color badge 3MikaRareSupports their master by giving them a speed boost.Acdf93ee aaa4 4f3e af19 18a3058d9dbb D82341d0 0a1c 47e1 a2b9 b53b9d003a9e 
89833fb8 912b 467f 9660 63c9ce389af4Pet color badge 3WallaceRareGives their master a speed boost as well as an increased dodge rating.4c86e88f a3fb 4475 a107 b3fb9210291c 8af067bb ee40 439e a5ae 58caaf81b6b0 
83458cc8 ca2e 4f2f 8ea1 59f0f062791fPet color badge 2AnansiUncommonGives their master increased Physical Attack.1f7d0f19 55c9 4756 8c5d 56b0db91699f 
9b54df6a 70a3 4129 aa15 8b86a42c6cd2Pet color badge 2BongoUncommonGives their master a speed boost and increases Physical Attack.C8eb5ee2 b5bf 4dfe 83a4 48fe06509160 
Cb3dc2a3 a68e 4e09 bf55 ce023b8e8420Pet color badge 2DrippUncommonGives its master increased Physical Armor.524d083e 2aaa 4b1d 8706 406bf3ded574 
Fe76e9b3 2f95 4c2f 95de 61730090c45dPet color badge 2FlapperUncommonGives their master increased Magic Armor.D7866f3a e86d 4c57 8852 e7fdd3c7771f 
39a44f2e 1839 4dc8 a913 165d4770902bPet color badge 2TorchUncommonGives their master increased Magic Attack.Ed97e0cb c0dc 4620 b6df c0a04ec3b182 
Eb99c210 7b07 4e37 87df 8be2b938fa26Pet color badge 1ClinkerCommonHelps their master to recover Health.7864cb39 6809 4a8d 88c6 20b6bb31e41d 
A7f149e4 edd5 47f4 888c 3752405a8858Pet color badge 1EntlingCommonGives their master increased Physical and Magic Armor.3c62b583 f361 4655 b49a 1b2f77888646 
4bce5823 bc1d 4dec 91dc 7e2f6ef1b5c5Pet color badge 1FalconCommonGives their master a speed boost.A6f28988 d661 4ce2 844e 53980b58975d 
488d942d c86b 4143 aa6a dab7dab1bc30Pet color badge 1SnapperCommonGives their master a shield which blocks some damage.Dff32f4f 2f90 4d62 bf50 9e62ec8d3513 
Bce564f1 f24e 49db afb7 c88cb5597386Pet color badge 1StabbyCommonGives their master increased Physical Attack.1d1a9a61 62fd 41fd 910e 2b2eda12358c 
901424c8 00d3 430e a2e1 0e19276f2ce6Pet color badge 1ZepCommonDeals poison damage to an enemy unit near their master.1918bcbb 913f 4e31 a0d6 91de4614f9d1