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Furnace: Melt Values

Furnace allows you to melt down your excess equipment into Wood, Iron or Crystals, needed to upgrade your Heroes Village or craft items.
Melted Soulstones will always give you x20 Crystals.
Upgrading your Furnace will reduce required amount of fuel to melt your items, raise the cap of your total fuel capacity, and widens your selection of items to be melted.

Blue Items List

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5cc2ae96 8fcc 4e94 bbc7 56a4818de526
Aurora Torch303614
95a43019 69d9 453d ae40 e8e2c6ffc04b
Banshee Essence1120945
135b5ca0 59ae 43cf a34e 0f7d7c004b56
Berserker's Claymore402111
607dda51 3740 4e3d b73f 033dc066cc72
Black Dragon's Tailbone121624
28485f34 0043 4126 abfa d35eec3fc6da
Bloody Hatchet165012
14964413 4304 42c8 bc15 ad2d1fe162e3
Bracer of Salvation1081923
D1558d53 3451 4d63 9a34 0ab37434691b
0dc81018 79f2 4eeb 82a8 30e23053e110
Bulwark of Vitality5516542
4e51cff8 fb9b 4c2b 968c 174fb2e9d39b
Casket of Time561013
Fb055cb9 8150 4a36 9655 629bf4f6e659
Charger Boots1655542
8401effa 666d 455c a6ab 268ad7e796b1
Chipped Blade1437741
Efc5be3a ee85 41f9 aa46 94fa3c9a03ea
Cloud Walkers1219945
4b531ebb 4eae 47ef 954e bae70a6d61c7
Crystal Specs213813
002a290f 6010 4abf be64 5a2f71617afc
Demonic Longsword329522
D0f9c321 1c8d 4e8f 974a b11462380867
Dragon's Fang501612
1854a3e0 d0ec 45ee bf99 ec002db595eb
Dwarvish Chestplate963122
71553c92 54f7 4352 9489 eb8318d19a4d
Emerald Cuirass448323
7ad73d04 83d9 4a57 a9f2 1263f0fb0d63
Gem of Fortitude705725
E01a1cdd 6d85 464f b5a3 e80e36fc6322
Gem of Purification154512
6db6a6cb 3d6c 42bd 8c47 90d42c7d4972
Gem of Vigor1120945
0ded3d16 58bc 47e8 ab85 50f6b96cc139
Golden Mallet7714343
4f9922d4 1bcd 4eb2 b2eb 092808795470
Heavy Breastplate2141144
2e709cf5 9e1d 47f9 8323 3fdddf494099
Hefty War-axe213913
C87beaf3 c912 4392 81bd 114c2c377c39
Jade Kylin9912144
85d412ec a621 4407 b23a 08bafd632cce
Legendary Gemstone566924
E94e07e0 f11c 41cd 8836 ce3b334f3790
Longsword of the Undead36515
62b54c7a 5525 486b b1e4 e6c3c9daf14e
Luna's Boots3922351
2b3c85fb 8767 41f9 93a5 bdce9c207d4d
Mask of Sacrifice1081923
75ade98a 8303 4ff5 9e1f 0a30e3c87206
Meteor Flail105611
F4576edb 5db9 46d4 8b9f 5911a4123f42
Obsidian Tome756125
08d7e43a 8667 49d8 997f e83727dcecd7
Ritual Blade1873343
C2214911 99e3 4e60 ab19 7c1c310b9def
Rotating Hacksaw5516542
1d2a24ad 0d1b 415a 9f00 d33c8f5bccb5
Runic Eulogy2091144
Abc602d1 4143 4287 922e eae825aeea8c
Scepter of Prophecy963122
Be6d11ec bf05 4743 bbde b8e252043a88
Shadow Mantle894821
17810419 a4ea 4d38 83c0 5fd88d1b7c02
Skull Bonnet303614
3162f6c9 3247 4054 adb4 c3fa24dc5c0b
Soothsayer Handwraps3419441
66d28ff0 5264 4953 b364 0be9f02b5408
Strand of Rejuvenation105611
4e86ff6e 4796 4f05 9c2b b386293a6afd
Thorned Pauldrons2011321
F6354645 d7dd 4b76 ae8e 7e85b0fdb043
Viking Helmet612225
C346c2d6 b710 401b b456 8eb486e18ec1
Warrior's Gloves63314
2a958fd8 171f 4e10 af23 bd019981a3e4
Wizardry Codex363015

Purple Items List

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2cd061ee 6f19 4ed3 8960 6542362a6e79
Adamantite Scimitar37714155
00b41626 e1ea 4d25 9a6a 34e2139036d9
Ancient Royal Sword19115765
2046390d 3834 4fb0 8270 775e4099fa16
Ancient Rune8726162
6015f7fc bdf2 4342 befc 7f1679e266ef
Art of War96350204
Eba3dce0 5137 4b94 9453 d6c3975a0ffe
Athena's Blessing259480143
8db34441 38bc 4d21 9712 5bc77e8c16d7
Azrael's Roar875154203
B013b52b af8e 4a4a 8f9d 24a4b2db2480
Butterfly Swords668359201
6f8c54fb 58c2 4395 8f24 182234543439
Cap of Souls111628141
604ef6c6 112b 4c38 8ee3 d32ad05549d3
Carnage Mallet3661974
D9e50701 58fe 4b70 ac36 f45648cf7d1c
Chain Pendant854154203
5a1c10eb 3734 48d6 81ca 3b26e3f85efb
Clasp of Life12122563
7f15c8ac a72d 4d43 a798 5f9cc9b54fae
Conjuring Chain19115765
6c804ba6 6b6c 474c 9110 ff896012e9e5
Conqueror's Chestplate475256141
78d14367 3693 496c 9679 4769aad80743
Crystal Staff22612261
F581d1a5 8563 49e6 87cf 0bf27f07b443
Dark Wizard's Figurine102984205
9dd826db c562 4c41 a2fa 9f971a61ea5a
Dc8315cc 88a0 40b5 913c af7e0ddbe490
C3715c2d 6863 4c86 9c27 9c5f2420ef86
Doomsday Armor333406144
Fc4ae433 9cba 4efe 90ec eaf0fb0c69d9
Doomsday Blade481258141
Bf9c83cd 5dd2 4f63 a432 80128186f4f0
Elvish Etude338182101
1053253d ea98 4531 ad05 da600aa81dd5
Explosive Scepter2965263
35dbf12e fc78 4630 a4e6 f61bb7555dc0
Eye of Death546182142
Ca8dd7c7 b303 46bc 817a 700a86b29d05
Fire Ruby386128102
Eb6027be 2352 47d2 ab5a 4aaa0aa61ff1
Frozen Teardrop541 035215
24ac7b96 4d08 403b 841d 693d9325d6be
Ghostly Mantle286234105
07ccaa84 91e1 4d31 a5ae edd0ff019b00
Goblet of the Ancients70336144
C087ffa2 9a41 4518 91d0 f20dd34ba9b9
Goblin's Scimitar154873201
A750bced e7a2 4a52 8f9a 80869be92ff2
Grand Staff442361165
B3c644d2 213e 48c3 bb88 f550a20ad3eb
Grim Slasher130389102
45bd9a02 7fed 4a62 866e 2ee3c97e563b
Guardian Plate234285104
D84cb868 f4cf 4982 8507 630f8718dafc
Healing Stone253760202
93402837 d612 4527 aefe 7b01511f6d37
Heavenly Amulet407333145
Eb0c028d 0617 4ac3 bb9c 24cf99c8f5bb
Heavy Ballista760253202
A7b7e4d6 feda 4285 842a 41ff3e58411e
Heavy Club12222663
A9e2fc82 aae1 4373 bf52 9db1f0aace3d
Ice Smasher47183113
D6373711 939b 4a2e b9de 3bfb1b7840f3
Light Battleaxe185555142
975d92ab 4740 49ea 9ed7 e56ebb4967de
Lilith Staff181336103
71b14904 df8a 4803 85de d4f881fc87dc
Maiden's Trinket364676203
A7c03a6e 7ec8 4477 a878 d4dbc7b21df2
Natural Remedy390129102
688f0f8d 0d0f 4176 8ebc ed8f1907a023
Nature's Power112636141
Efed99d5 3f57 4aab 9f8c 04d0041ff68b
Phantom Jar15719164
899d2d9c 8feb 4ac7 955e 6aba7b2be2eb
Pride's Protector350427154
390a5c63 5cb9 408a b3a2 563d9b0aecad
Recovery Potion456557204
56e5c226 1df9 4ea3 a027 48c749bf6e58
Runic Crystal Ball49425104
0fe5d87e 7ea5 46c5 9520 0d07bf6d1832
Sage Wand29551115
Ec5ee8f7 2e8b 4520 8d25 0b134f1399fc
Sapphire Bracelet2618762
4e02f067 7a24 4993 a5f4 0a4ce308da8d
Scepter of the Abyss629110143
Ca266498 ef28 4a88 840e 92c529c6e255
Scepter of Time282523163
F5bd0933 8659 4c7c 998f 0f7e51b51618
Scorching Spear1631365
C1faba07 3a3c 49df a81e 08153a358347
E7a303e3 22d0 4b8c 92c6 93461abf7f3c
Soul Stealing Necklace14818164
6bc74c12 090d 4102 afea bc834c9c1bcb
Spartan Dagger597488215
E13ecd36 5da2 4f4e 9c9b 20033bf81c83
Stealth Cape5229661
Dfbe6701 649e 4579 b34b ceac32934c2f
Tribal Battleaxe22612261
202e6ca1 3857 418c a41f a3f8b0b414e0
Tri-spirit Orb25489105
2d14dc9c ed92 477f 947b ed3cc594cc46
Voodoo Manuscript188564152
3f092718 ddf3 4854 b2f1 eaa82e5c64da
Wellspring Water78441101
D3fd08b0 23ed 4b6f b3c9 a7ee482c4b9e
Whisperwind Bow760253202

Orange Items List

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3141f054 a6a4 43db 9241 f6ac1b8a3266
Aegis1 316438352
028f019b 1f5d 4a78 9833 0f42fede7de1
Angel's Wings3371 012272
4239c5dc 7de5 4718 bd35 b450613c4733
Ares' Spear6141 141355
291bc2be 23de 4e73 a2cc ea7dae019a79
Armor of Shadows1 479261343
Dcceab6f fc2e 439c a1c6 4aa6b4675667
Bandit's Dagger1 093364292
0ad1ea35 1352 446a a20f d6de6c0f2896
Blade of Cataclysm2691 528351
D3d91da8 501b 4a43 906a 6a1ab68e3b27
Blade of Chaos877472271
23088351 f323 42b0 bb88 b435a0264668
Blade of Illusion3001 703402
A78fb7c0 98a8 4b5a 9e1f a43376e1be7c
Blade of Time1 70989354
78587dae 7513 4123 90ba ed0420dd2b70
Book of Mysteries4371 313355
21370c3f 7aea 458b 8882 d76e70fba997
Caduceus1 197645362
Fdbd7c51 65fc 48e5 a4a1 637356f72207
Commander's Blade809661295
B7e896df cfe2 4e31 b9ff 954716cfc4f1
Cosmic Shield1 184208273
5d4f0f03 2ff8 413f 8e85 130701e00324
Demonic Visage629769274
E7233c19 4e2b 4863 98d5 235f071e5686
Demon's Skull760621275
1bb42dfa 2da3 420c 96db a351bb7ba3d8
Ethereal Cloak1 313437352
1d99f32f 230e 40d0 9304 7431852ff362
Fire-Hardened Steel963787355
9a7f4024 a630 415e b299 0261e35ad577
Gaia's Cutlass2021 147271
40d27a94 0a5f 4792 8013 68c4f877315c
Helmet of Darkness1 488262353
B4534b69 32d0 4307 96e7 6b7a5fd9de0a
Ironbark Warbow3411 023272
E0c5d4f2 58e7 473d 9e21 484c8b5cf54c
Jupiter's Hammer9011 102404
6b24eeda 06dc 46fa a275 634339b26b91
Kretonian Talisman1 38572294
414fcc0d d793 47ff b520 466506fd8011
Midnight Dream2151 223281
79a1f966 9656 43ba 90ea 6cb2c1bfd58c
Mystic Dragonscale871 663355
8e5faebf e085 4db0 81cc f02d22b828e4
Nemean Hide963787355
D44f6e0c 23fc 4b6e abd4 765b0e38626b
Oracle's Robe7331 361413
4658783e 2b39 4ca0 bd63 e3a06b0eeaa2
Poseidon's Trident1 28267274
165b7250 26de 4a29 b239 1b15a5b30c6a
Staff of Illumination947510291
C7ff37df 3281 4bfe 9acb f8b6ad4a581b
Stormrider Armor1 335718411
E71b927d 60c0 4d8e bfce 37377d5f8277
Sword of Olympus1 023340272
E56223ec 3e4e 4272 8f8e 2d0a06ffdbe7
C580cff2 b371 4c69 81a3 d3c0e5a7b684
Titanic Axe477886273
6d282a48 8073 4fca 9334 886e8ac6e107
Torch of Destruction472877273
6add5cdd f499 4179 b1ad eb6e7711212e
Underworld Saber8241 007365
Bbbacbca a26a 4127 a545 2c4af01009f4
Victory's Scepter1 108596341
506dfecd 4e3d 4727 a263 d29b8e20fc61
Zealot Battleplate671 282275

Red Items List

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620d210d cb52 4dff a487 be48ec2e9401
Cloak of Wisdom0005
Cbf73643 c7b3 4f42 9e6a 45cc566d604c
Crescent Staff0004
2be4e7d0 cf63 42c5 95b3 815203dd84dd
Hurricane Blade1 9133 5521093
E3a61ff0 536f 49d3 816e dc8903112e0b
Master's Cap3 2381 744991
222b6e87 0cb5 4823 a284 2dfc6870b3fc
Paladin's Chestplate0005
9cbee2d9 f478 45e3 b7d3 7bbcb92e762f
Pure Jade Chest0003
Ed86c885 a909 48d3 b0a7 f3280ac26da4
Songbird Ring4 674245984
Fe45cd8b 200b 4704 9ea3 bf2d32a23e70
Sphere of the Sands0002
18950566 4a7f 4f07 9e01 5b6a9815cec6
Tyrant's Helmet0001
E7651cd5 2916 4072 b520 acb0a6b73d5d