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The Burning Flame
Front Line DPS: Fragile but also agile, able to avoid the jaws of death.


List of Badges
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Positioning / Front Line

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Stats growth

Physical Attack10.2
Magic Attack7.5
Physical Armor5
Magic Armor3.7


Ember Clones

Ember Clones

Qin casts out three fiery ember clones onto the battlefield that explode in quick succession when Qin receives fatal damage. Qin then quickly moves to the last ember's position to get himself out harm's way.

Fire Shackles

Fire Shackles

Qin casts fiery shackles that chin the two closes enemies, causing damage over time to them.

Flame Barrier

Flame Barrier

Qin uses a fiery magic shield that causes burning damage over time to nearby enemies while also reducing the Magic Damage that he receives.

Blazing Blast

Blazing Blast

Qin flies past every enemy, successively hacking them with his blades as he passes them. Qin is impervious to damage while using this ability.




Qin is able to cast additional fiery shackles onto an enemy when using this ability "Blazing Blast".

Qin Awakening

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Quest 1Infernal Blades

Craft and equip Signature Item - Infernal Blades
Heroic Difficulty

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Bloody arena
Quest 2Bloody Arena

Qin must complete Bloody Arena 5 times
Extreme+ Difficulty