Soul Hunters DB

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The Wild One"Allow me to introduce myself!"
Front Line Tank: Great at ripping apart the enemy's formation and creating high-damage opportunities.


List of Badges
D0cf5278 3334 4e14 8531 d19f670b670aDay DreamHeroes that possess a Dreamer tag receive increased Magic Armor.Dina
A0355913 7a9d 4f91 bfdd bd6e4955752dRider's BlessingThose who possess the mount symbol will receive a health increase.F3b6aa36 0f7e 4105 8192 df13f572dcb3

Positioning / Front Line

RileyKonradMagdorDd2badc7 8eec 4ff3 969d de19c4cc918aEzio5da3cef1 5ead 441a 8f77 71fd5a927bb6MusashiBff3edb8 3986 4165 b3e0 b44a77bd5b46TholinC89b8e1a 5e71 40de 9676 cd061095e84eNamtar

Stats growth

Physical Attack12.415.5
Magic Attack810
Physical Armor10.512.6
Magic Armor10.512.6