Soul Hunters DB

Trader refresh in about 12 hours

List of Awakenings


Enchanted Puppet

Every time she takes a certain amount of damage (indicated by a piece breaking off), Adeline will increase her Attack Speed and Magic Crit Rating.

Delicate Adornment

max health: +1000magic attack: +100physical armor: +150magic crit rating: +50


The Drunk Monk
Raccoon Squad

Allied heroes that possess the Raccoon Squad symbol may receive a health increase buff.

Bamboo Bindle

max health: +3800magic armor: +120physical armor: +120physical attack: +200


The Treasure Guardian
Afarit: Devour

When enemy Heroes who are not Concealed Threats come close to Afarit, his Dodge Rating will be greatly increased for 3 seconds. After this, the Hero will be Engulfed (ignoring any immunity effects). While being Engulfed, the enemy Hero will take damage (and any enemy who has a special effect upon death will not inflict their effect if they die while being Engulfed). While Engulfing enemies, Afarit recovers Health and is immune to control, but cannot move or attack.

Afarit's Key

max health: +3200magic attack: +400physical armor: +60magic crit rating: +30


Nature's Protector
Physical Strength

Take advantage of the power of nature in the battlefield and increase your life.

Devastation Staff

max health: +3500magic armor: +120magic attack: +180physical armor: +120


Shaman of the Serpents
Snake Torement

Each time a small skill there is a 50% chance to summon a snake, which attacks enemies with one of three different effects: poison, fear, or knockback.


The Haunted Fencer
Artful Agility

Artful footwork and dexterity increase your Dodge Rating.


Dark Assassin
Reflecting Sphere

Whenever Alana dodges an enemy attack, she will gain an Energy Shield layer (see 2nd ability). Initially this ability cannot be activated more than once within 3 second period, but the actual cooldown period depends on ability level.


Great Protector
Enhanced Shield

When barricade mode is enabled, Aldred generates a more effective defensive shield which is used for several seconds. While the enhanced shield is up, Aldred is immune to control effects, and the effectiveness of his shield in weakening enemy attacks and strengthening allied attacks is increased. Enemy heroes cannot pass through the enhanced shield, and some enemy projectiles will be deflected back at the enemy (not including those fire as part of an ultimate).

Blessed Shield

max health: +1500magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical attack: +100


Ice Queen
Queen's Protection

When Alecia's health is critically low, she casts a spell which forms a shield around a teammate. This shield can absorb some damage.


Voodoo Master
Eternal Mark

The "Mark of Vengeance" will no longer disappear when Alice deals damage to the enemy. In addition, marked enemies can be marked again, which causes Alice’s abilities to be even more effective against them. Each time a new layer is added, Alice will regain health at a faster rate.


The Angel of Justice
Attack Boost

Enhancing your attributes will increase your Physical Attack.


Angel of Ink

The less HP Angela has the faster her Cast Speed becomes. When she dies, enemy who killed her will get slower until finally will be turned into stone for some time.

Ink Nimbus

max health: +1000magic armor: +150magic attack: +150physical armor: +150


Water Warrior

When his health is less than 30%, Aqua will retake the form of a water-drop and regain some health and energy.


The King of the Seven Seas
Sea's Hope

Aquaman is able to reduce some of the damage an ally will receive from an instant damage attack and transforms the remaining instant damage into damage over time, raising his ally's survival rates significantly.


Spider Empress
Potent Venom

Damage-over-time dealt by Arachna's abilities will be increased on targets with less than 50% of their Max Health.


Ice Dragon
Ice Blockade

Arcturus senses which teammate is under the greatest threat and forms an ice blockade around them. While being behind the blockade, the teammate cannot move, but is protected from all damage and will quickly recover health. Arcturus will not target a teammate who is immune to control abilities or who is currently using their ultimate. This ability may only be used once per battle. If it has not been used and Arcturus is close to death, he will use it on himself.


Audacious Fairy

Allows for Ariel's Perpetual Shield to have multiple layers, meaning that it may now absorb more than one hit before breaking. Each time that one of Ariel's other abilities deals damage to an enemy, there is a chance that another layer will be added to her Perpetual Shield.


Dark Protector
Grip of Mortality

Avior constantly monitors the battlefield for an enemy with low health. When he’s found his target, he grasps their soul, causing them to lose health over time. This ability also weakens the effect of healing spells cast upon the enemy hero.


The Titan Dragon
Physique Enhanced

Bahamut towers over others as an undying fortress. (Increase Health)


Bone Crusher
Proximity Blast

Baltor's "Free Throw" and "Penalty Kick" abilities will now deal AOE damage instead of single target damage.


Dark Knight
Beyond Suit

The "Beyond" suit, which Batman wears after his awakening, benefits him in multiple ways. The hit rate of his attacks becomes extremely high, and the damage he takes is greatly reduced.


Spider Princess
Territory Defense

Enemies that enter into Bella's territory will be stunned and entangled. A spiderling will also appear next to the enemy and attack them.


Spirit of Winter
Cold Revenge

Boreas curses any enemy who kills him, affecting them with frostbite. Enemies suffering from frostbite will take damage over time for the rest of the wave, and be unable to recover health.


The Burly Beast

An aftershock will occur everytime Brutox uses an ability that deals damage to nearby enemies. Brutox is able to cause one aftershock per each surrounding enemy. Damage is also increased for each surrounding enemy.

Ancestral Totem

max health: +3800magic armor: +120magic attack: +200physical armor: +120


Enigmatic Killer
Dream Potion

The first time Cara is near death, she will take a potion which puts her into a deep sleep for 5 seconds. While sleeping, she is immune to damage and recovers some health.


Time Traveller
Interdimensional Ally

Chrona disappears into another dimension, and returns with her doppelganger from another dimension. Both her basic attack and "Stealth Mode" ability deal additional damage. When her doppelganger is on the battlefield, Chrona also has higher Magic and Physical Armor.


Stone Colossus
Energy Absorption

Crusher throws out a magical energy crystal that absorbs the energy of the enemy closest to it. The crystal then transforms the enemy's energy into damage for Crusher.


Toxic Seductress
Lethal Poison

“Noxious Cloud” and “Lethal Defender’s” Attacks can poison enemies. If an enemy is already poisoned it will increase Damage-over-Time.


Bionic Man
Super Computer

Cyborg scans all of his enemies to determinate their weaknesses and proceeds to reduce their accuracy and ability to dodge. For a certain amount of time, all damage dealt to the enemies will be received from behind.


Blade Master

Dalthu's teammates' Physical Crit Rating and Physical Hit Bonus is raised when Dalthu's Physical Attack Rating exceeds a certain value.


Daring Gambler
Comeback Kid

The lower Dalton's health, the higher his Magic Attack and Magic Pierce Rating. These stats are at a maximum when Dalton is at 30% health or less.


Gifted Dancer
Spinning Top

Daphne uses her straps to rapidly spin an enemy unit, dealing Magic Damage. The affected enemy spins in place at first, and then moves backwards. If the enemy takes significant damage during this period, they will spin for a longer time.


Bionic Bat
Drone Strike

Desmond summons a bat-drone which assists him in battle. One type of drone can increase his Magic Attack, while another type sprays flammable liquid on enemy units, causing them to be more susceptible to damage-over-time dealt by Desmond's other abilities.


Dino Girl
Day Dream

Heroes that possess a Dreamer tag receive increased Magic Armor.

Jurassic Pin Cushion

max health: +1500physical armor: +150physical attack: +100


Mystical Shaman
Lying in Wait

At the start of battle, Dokras will be held in reserve off the battlefield, over time building up Physical Attack, Attack Speed and Energy. He may be called into battle at any time. When fighting in the Arena, he will enter battle 30 seconds after the battle begins.

Dr. Zeno

Supreme Intellect
Antimatter Sphere

Dr. Zeno uses antimatter to create a protective sphere around him when he is close to death. The antimatter sphere can deflect a single attack of any type or strength, and also restores a small amount of health to Dr. Zeno.


The Wrathful
Spiritual Entanglement

Every time a pillar of energy from Drelduth's "Phantom Force" successfully strikes an enemy target, a lost soul will follow the target until the target is successively hit again by another pillar, which causes the lost soul to explode and deal additional damage to the enemy target.


Utility Unit
Heat Shield

Whenever the steam released by Driller's ultimate comes in contact with enemies, Driller will regain a small amount of health.


Dark Ranger
True Sight

Enemy summoned and illusionary units take additional damage. If they die, Elador gains health equivalent to 10% of the unit's max health.

Dark Spirit

max health: +1500magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical attack: +150


Elven Knight
Engraved Blade

A runic inscription appears on Elric's sword in one of three colors, bringing an additional effect to all of his abilities. Red grants a lifesteal effect, green grants additional damage based on the enemy's max health, and yellow reduces enemy energy.


Princess of Selussa
Cold Vengeance

Every time one of her allies falls, Embrael encourages her remaining teammates to fight on. In addition to the usual effects of "Tiger Leap", allies will also have increased Physical and Magick Attack.


Charming Virtuoso
Song of Healing

After Enrique uses "Hypnotic Lullaby", nearby allies will restore some health over an extended period.


Alien Being

Ethera has a 20% chance of avoiding any type of damage below a certain limit. She will still take damage that exceeds the limit.


Templar's Scourge
Veteran Killer

With skills learned from years of experience, every time Ezio deals damage he will increase his Physical Attack for 4 seconds. He can further build up his Physical Attack if he deals damage multiple times within the 4 second period.


Legendary Phoenix
Suicide Squad

Heroes belonging to the Suicide Squad enjoys a Magic Pierce Rating buff.

Crown of Embers

max health: +1500magic armor: +150magic attack: +150physical armor: +150


Natural Charmer
Sweet Dreams

Charmed enemies will receive damage, damage received by the enemy is then converted into health for the ally with the current lowest health.


Death on Wings
Master Machinist

Heroes that have a machinery badge will receive an attack and ability cast speed buff.

Gatling Gun

max health: +2000magic armor: +50physical armor: +50physical attack: +200


The Fierce Claw
Clawed by the Bear

Each time Fuzzy attacks a target, he inflicts them with a stack of Clawed for 7 seconds (stack up to 5 times). Each time a target with Clawed status is hit, they take extra damage for each stack of Clawed, and the duration of their Clawed status is refreshed.

Spartan Cape

max health: +4200physical armor: +90physical attack: +400physical crit rating: +100


The Lunar Maiden

Damage that Galatea's allies receive can be transferred to Galatea's ability "Slumber". When the ability is stacked up to 5 times, all of her allies will be unable to be knocked back.

Mystic Butterfly

magic armor: +150dodge rating: +25magic attack: +200physical armor: +150


Bounty Hunter
Fugitive's Fear

The lower the health of enemy heroes Garrick has marked with his ultimate, the more easily they will take damage. Against heroes with very high max health, the effectiveness will be reduced by 40%.


The Ravaging Razorback
Iron Quills

Quills deal bonus damage to any unit hit by quills in the last 10 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.

Anti-combustion Belt

max health: +3800magic armor: +100physical armor: +180physical attack: +200


Genius Mechaneer
Destructive Strike

Each time Gizmo fires homing missiles, the damage and stun effect of the following missiles he fires is increased.


Ice Specter
Gift of Life

When Glacia receives damage, a certain proportion of this damage will be converted into health and transferred to surrounding teammates.

Frozen Abyss

max health: +3000magic armor: +150physical armor: +150

Goblin Squad

Explosive Experts
Menacing Mines

When the Goblin Squad arrive on the battlefield they'll pre-emptively set down three mines. After the mines explode enemies in the vicinity will sustain one of three possible debuffs, which can cause them to be: terrified, dazed or slowed down.


Chaos Rider
Divine Shield

Goram' attacks have a chance of collecting magic fragments from the enemy, giving Goram a magic shield. Once he has the shield, collecting more fragments will further strengthen his shield so it can absorb more damage.

Flaming Dagger

max health: +1500magic armor: +30physical armor: +30physical attack: +200

Green Lantern

The Emerald Knight

Green Lantern will restore the teammate that closest to him and his own energy, as well as increasing both of their Physical Attacks, Magic Attacks, Accuracy and Movement Speed at regular intervals. Green Lantern also records his Health levels, if his health is lower than the previous recording than a percentage of the difference will be restored.


Double-Headed Dragon
Mortal Fear

Every time Gremor deal damage to an enemy, that enemy's Magic Armor will be reduced for 3 seconds.

Infernal Spikes

max health: +1200magic attack: +120physical armor: +120magic crit rating: +40


The Beserker

Axe-weilding allies of a hero possessing an Ax symbol will receive a max HP increase.

Gloves of Savagery

max health: +1500magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical attack: +100


Kung-Fu Master
Heart of Stone

Heroes that possess a Stone symbol receive increased Physical Armor.


Underworld Demon
Final Gift

When Havoc dies, the boost in attack and armor he earned from using "Dark Sacrifice" will be transferred to a random teammate. The teammate will also receive some health and energy.


Infernal Swordsman
Underworld Prophet

Allies who have Demon Horns get armor bonus.

Lucifer's Wings

max health: +1500magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical attack: +100


Sun Goddess
Strengthened Resolve

All units who are healed by Jasmine gain a temporary boost to their Magic Armor.


Fantastic Feline
Nine Lives

Whenever Jasper takes what would have been a fatal amount of damage, he will survive unless the damage is equivalent to more than 1.9x his current Health. He will also recover some Health (health recovered will not exceed 0.9x his current health). This ability can be used up to 9 times per wave.

Spectacles of Truth

max health: +1000magic attack: +100physical armor: +150magic crit rating: +50


Arctic Explorer
Flying Penguin

Kaneq periodically throws a penguin at the enemy party, dealing physical damage to a single enemy. In addition, if the enemy's Physical Attack is higher than their Magic Attack, they will be Charmed. If their Magic Attack is higher, they will be Silenced.


Gargoyle Spirit
Vital Energy

When Kasar is in statue mode, whenever allied or enemy non-summoned units take Magic Damage, Kasar will gain some Energy. The amount of Energy recovered is proportional to the amount of damage taken. As Kasar gains Energy, his attacks gradually become less affected by enemy Magic Armor. His attacks become more effective in this way up to 2500 Energy.

Predator's Wings

max health: +1200magic armor: +120magic attack: +120physical armor: +120


Twisted Jester
Doppelganger Bonus

When Killjoy uses his ultimate, doppelgangers of both friendly and enemy heroes will form. Whenever a doppelganger is formed, Killjoy will recover some health.


Monkey King
Spear Expert

Allies who have Spear Club Badge get Physical Attack bonus.

War Band

max health: +1500magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical attack: +100


Mad Alchemist

When Konrad's beast is fed the Power Elixir, the duo will now also gain a temporary increase in Magic Attack as well as regaining some Health.


The Enlightened

Lama summons a large lotus flower that removes all negative effects currently affecting a friendly target. When the lotus flower is about to disappear it will cause gradual damage over time to the enemy target which possesses the most amount of health. Lama's lotus flower causes more damage according to ow many negative effects it has removed from the friendly target and can remove up to a maximum of 15 effects. Lama is immune to mind-control abilities when the lotus flower is present.

Lama's Raiment

max health: +100magic armor: +150magic attack: +150physical armor: +150


Sawblade Guardian
Whirlwind of Death

Lars spins in place with his saw, momentarily stunning nearby enemies, and dealing Physical Damage that ignores enemy armor. If he strikes enemies who have less than 50% health, their health will be continuously drained unless they are healed to the point that they have more than 50% health remaining.

Li Twins

Masters of Fate
Divine Talent

With their mastery of arcane magic, all of the twins' abilities become more effective, and every 4th time they use an ability, it will affect an additional enemy.


Expert Chef
Kitchen Stronghold

Lingling throws baskets of vegetables at enemies who draw too close, stunning them and dealing Physical Damage.

Hair Cap

max health: +1500magic armor: +120dodge rating: +40physical armor: +120


Woodland Prophet
Bloodthirsty Pulse

When Pulse Nova us active, Lou has a large spell vamp effect (heals based on magic damage dealt).

Flower of Life

max health: +3200magic attack: +400physical armor: +60magic crit rating: +30


Firewing Knight

Increased health generation in battle with a knight's true faith.


Forest Spirit
Land of Light

Heroes with the Illumination Badge get a boost to their Magic Attack.


Princess of the Galaxy
Magic Armor Enhanced

Power from the starry sky protects Lyra from spell damage.


Dragon Soul
Dragon King

Heroes that possess a Dragonkin symbol will have their maximum HP increased.


Dwarven Sniper
Magic Bullets

Magnus is armed with a limited amount of special bullets. They will be used when Magnus uses his Headshot ability. These bullets will automatically prioritize enemies who are currently using an ability. They have a chance to interrupt that ability and deal additional damage that ignores Armor. The amount of special bullets Magnus carries depends on his star-level.


The Wild One

"Lunch Time" and "Inhalation" cause enemies to be affected by a reverberation effect. When an ally of an enemy affected by reverberation is nearby and receives damage from an ability, the affected enemy will receive 30% of the original damage in the form of reverberated damage. Reverberated damage will not deal 30% or more of the affected enemy's total health. Each time the reverberation effect is triggered, Malax's Physical Attack will be temporarily increased.


Mutant Beast
Flowing Blood

Malrath's "Blood Harvest" affects female heroes for a longer period, and the lifesteal effect of "Thirst for Blood" is increased against female heroes.

Crimson Orb

max health: +1600magic armor: +50physical armor: +40physical attack: +160


Virtuous Vindicator

Allows Mariana's "Ring of Mending" to create an additional protective shield for allies and her "Pillar of Light" to cause an additional 5 seconds of damage over time.


The Nimble Touch
Wheel of Misfortune

Masuru pulls in any immobilized enemy targets toward himself and them throws them back out, causing damage to them.

Masuru's Fortitude

max health: +2000magic armor: +50physical armor: +50physical attack: +200


Cosmic Guardian

From the time Mazir enters the battlefield, he will continuously drain the intelligence of all enemies facing him. When their intelligence is drained to 0, they will enter a deranged state. In this state, their AOE attacks or healing spells will affect both enemies and allies, although the effects on the unintended target will be lessened depending on the Ability Level. The effects of the unintended target will also be reduced if Mazir has less than 7 stars (-10% if he has 6 stars, -20% if he has 5 stars, etc).

Galaxy Gem

max health: +1200magic armor: +40magic attack: +200magic crit rating: +100


Robot Monk
Blessing of Purity

When any control effect is removed from either an ally or enemy by due to an ability, Mechana gains Health. When any buff or debuff is removed from an ally or enemy, Mechana gains Energy.

Dharma Wheel

max health: +1000magic attack: +100physical armor: +150magic crit rating: +50


Dragon Born
Mirah's Revenge

When she takes a lethal amount of damage, Mirah is able to block this damage, gain a small amount of Health, and automatically trigger her ultimate. The amount of Health gained depends on Mirah's Star-level. This ability can only be used once per wave.

Dragon's Seal

max health: +1500magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical hit bonus: +40


Queen of Destruction
Energy Drain

After activating "Shadow Warrior", the first three basic attacks delivered by Mirielle and each of her shadow warriors will have a energy draining effect.


Barbarian Warlock
Dark Sorcery

Mog's "Transmute" ability turns enemies into demonic ducks, which lowers their Magic Armor. At the same time, Mog absorbs some of their Energy.


Night Hunter
Static Shield

When Morfir uses his “Touch of Darkness” skill to dash to the enemy with the highest Magic Attack, he will cast a magic shield on himself that lowers incoming Magic Damage.


Mysterious Mage
Arcane Ritual

After killing an enemy with "Reaper's Scythe", Mortus boosts the Physical and Magic attack of all allies.


Wise Samurai
Heavenly Savior

Musashi recovers a certain amount of Health every time he deals damage to an enemy.


Demonic Beast
Persistent Threat

The longer Namtar survives in battle, the more his Physical Attack, Physical Armor, and Magic Armor will increase.


Night Walker
Battle Strategy

Shade increases her will to fight, adding an extra strike to Shuriken Flurry with higher damage. For the first three hits, there is a chance to throw a dagger that poisons or stuns a target.


Frozen Sorceress
Frost Armor

Nilya creates ice armor for her weakest teammate, raising their Physical and Magic Armor for a period of time.

Mandala Flower

max health: +1500magic armor: +150magic attack: +100magic crit rating: +50


Sea Adventurer
Energy Swap

Octo's basic attack as well as his Pufferfish Rain and Harpoon Strike abilities will steal some of the target's Physical Attack. The Physical Attack boost is temporary, but up to 15 layers can accumulate.


All-Seeing Eye
Raven's Blessing

Under the gaze of the raven spirit, an enemy with high DPS will be enchanted.

Raven Spirit

max health: +1000magic attack: +100physical armor: +150magic crit rating: +50


Soul Eater
Dark Healing

After taking damage, Orkon will gradually replenish some health over the next 10 seconds. The effect can stack.


Egyptian Queen
Magic Absorbtion

If any of Osiris' abilities hit an enemy who uses magic, Osiris will steal some of their Magick Attack. If she already stole the max amount of Magick Attack, her basic attack will be replaced with "Pharaoh's Fury".


Volcano Dweller
Lava Burst

The lava contained in Petros' body bursts out, dealing damage to enemies that are attacking Petros from in front of him. The damage dealt by this ability is greater once Petros has taken a certain amount of damage.

Magma Core

max health: +1500magic armor: +50physical attack: +250physical hit bonus: +30

Prince of Persia

King of Bldes
Dark Prince

Over the course of the battle, the Prince is gradually influenced by dark forces. This process is accelerated when female teammates or the Prince himself take damage. When the darkness reaches a certain threshold, the Prince will transform into "The Dark Prince", and remains in that state until the end of the wave. The Dark Prince loses a small amount of health every second, but gains large increases to his attack, lifesteal, and speed. A new series of attacks also becomes available to him in "Combo Strike".


The Burning Flame

Qin is able to cast additional fiery shackles onto an enemy when using this ability "Blazing Blast".

Infernal Blades

max health: +3000physical attack: +200physical crit rating: +35physical pierce rating: +35


The Duck Knight
Black Magic

Quacky uses his sorcery to reduce his enemy's magic resist and transform them into a dark duck. Teammates that inflict magic damage on the dark duck will receive 20% of the total damage inflicted on the dark duck back in the form of health.

Yellow Duck

max health: +1500magic armor: +150magic attack: +150physical armor: +150


Ancient Druid

Paralysis is dealt based on the Star Level (5 times for less than 3 stars and 1 time for each additional star). Each time it is used, it enhances the Ancient Curse and the Art of Healing.


The Bloodthirsty

What doesn't kill Rakash only makes him stronger. Rakash's Attack Speed increases the lower his Health falls.

Gaze of Ruin

max health: +3000physical armor: +50physical attack: +400


The Elasti-King
Potential Energy

Every once in a while, a field of energy is released on the battlefield, granting energy equally to the two friendly heroes with the most and least energy.

Elastic Armor

max health: +4200physical armor: +90physical attack: +400physical crit rating: +100


Guardian of the Glade
Moral Boost

Rayman reduces the amount of time nearby allied heroes are affected by enemy control abilities.


Wolf Child
Into the Wild

Werewolves have great powers of survivability. Increase your max health.

The Wolf King's Claws

max health: +4200physical armor: +90physical attack: +400physical crit rating: +100


The Sadistic Succubus

No man can resist her charm. Risoria takes reduced damage from male heroes.

Vampire's Kiss

max health: +3000magic attack: +200physical armor: +80magic crit rating: +20


Ruthless Mercenary
Melee Power

Rodan's attacks are guaranteed to hit enemies who are sufficiently close and attacks deal extra damage.


Keeper of Order
Soul Inheritance

Every time a friendly hero dies, Roger absorbs their soul, granting himself additional intelligence.

Full Moon Blade

max health: +3500magic armor: +60magic attack: +350physical armor: +85


The Captain Nebula
Life Reinforcement

Ryan is singularly focused on physical self-improvement and increasing his HP.

Ash Fire

max health: +3800magic armor: +100dodge rating: +30physical armor: +120physical attack: +190


Lightning God
Static Shock

After his awakening, Sagar's basic attack will deal AOE damage. Enemies struck by his basic attack also have a risk of receiving a "static shock", which lowers their Physical and Magic Armor.


Orcish Chieftan
Orc's Rage

Salus' entire party will have increased Physical Crit rate while he is on the battlefield.

Dragon Strength

max health: +1500physical armor: +100physical attack: +150physical hit bonus: +40


Fearless Rider
Rider's Blessing

Those who possess the mount symbol will receive a health increase.


Feline Fatale

When Sayuri's HP drops below 40%, Lantern's Warmth will rapidly restore her health. (Lantern's Warmth has a cooldown time).

Kitty Lantern

max health: +1500magic armor: +150magic attack: +100physical armor: +150


Moon Priestess
Guiding Light

Under the watchful eye of the moon goddess, Selene is able to restore a large amount of energy every time she kills an enemy using "Celestial Ray".


Protector of The Light
Shimmering Glow

Every time Serafine deals damage, her magic attack will be increased. It can be increased up to 50 times per wave.


The Witch of Fate
Mana Overload

Enhanced attributes, enhanced Magic Attack.


Misty Dream

Reduces the amount of Physical Damage your allies receive.

Sweet Dreams

max health: +3000magic armor: +170dodge rating: +20magic attack: +180physical armor: +170


Crazed Butcher
Infectious Fog

When enemies are hit by "Manic Chop", they will be shrouded in an infectious fog, causing them and other enemies in the area to take damage over time.


The Immortal King
Staunch Defense

Heroes that possess a Shield symbol take reduced physical damage.

Crown of Destruction

max health: +3800magic armor: +120physical armor: +120physical attack: +200


Outlaw Marksman
Armor-Piercing Rounds

Slim replaces his normal bullets with armor-piercing rounds, which deal additional damage that is unaffected by armor. The more energy the target has, the more additional damage is dealt.


Renowned Illusionist
Wild Card

Solomon creates a shield which appears for a short time, protecting each his teammates from a single attack of any type. If the shield blocks damage, allies will recover health and increase their Physical and Magic attack.


Shadow Rider
Dark Aura

Soren continuously restores some health of all allied units on the battlefield.


Half-Snake Enchantress
Persistent Storm

After reaching the edge of the screen, the whirlwind summoned by Sumiko's ultimate, persists for a period of time and moves in random directions. Enemies hit by the whirlwind will be knocked out of position and will take Magic Damage.


The Eternal Storm

Sun causes an enemy to become superconductive which allows Sun's attacks to ignore the target's Physical and Magic Armor, while also reducing the target's Magic Armor. Once this effect has worn off it will be transferred to another enemy target. This ability can be transferred to 4 times.

Arcanist's Seal

max health: +3000magic attack: +200magic crit rating: +50magic pierce rating: +35


Man of Steel
Fury Strike

Superman is able to withstand a considerable amount of Physical Damage and when surrounded by enemies, Superman is able to use a unique basic attack to push his enemies away. (Cannot be used successively).


Mystic Sorceress
Sorceress' Medallion

Heroes owning a sorceress' medallion will have their Magic Pierce rating buffed while Awakened Sylphi is on the field.

Book of Death

max health: +1200magic armor: +20magic attack: +200magic crit rating: +70


Blind Executioner
Blessed Dagger

All of Tanya’s attacks drain a small amount of the target’s Energy. They drain more Energy when they crit.


Dragon Slayer

Female allies of heroes that possess the Female symbol will receive a Physical Attack increase.

Empress' Galea

max health: +1500physical armor: +150physical attack: +100


Warrior Monk

Tashi boosts the Magic Armor of himself and and nearby allies.


Mighty Minotaur
Bull's Fury

Enemies hit by Raging Bull will be drained of some Energy.

Power Staff

max health: +1000magic attack: +100physical armor: +150magic crit rating: +50

The Flash

The Fastest Man Alive
Speed Steal

Every time The Flash attacks an enemy, it lowers their Attack Speed and Movement Speed. At the same time, Flash's own Attack Speed and Movement Speed are increased.


Barbarian of the North
Power of the Beast

Every time Tholin's wolverines attack the enemy, a random teammate will receive a boost in energy.


Dwarven Warrior
Blessed Hammer

All of Torsen's attacks have a chance to reduce his enemy's armor and stun them. When Torsen produces a critical strike he has a 100% to cause reduce enemy's armor and stun them.


Moon Diviner
Phase Shift

When the moon changes phases, Tsuki will get an instantaneous buff or one that lasts for a short period of time. When the moon becomes a new moon, Tsuki will recover some Health. When it becomes a half moon, he will get a boost to his Physical and Magic Armor. When it becomes a full moon, Tsuki gets a boost to his Magic Attack. (This ability is also effective when the moon phase changes during Tsuki's ultimate).

Divine Branch

max health: +1000magic armor: +150magic attack: +150physical armor: +150


Divine Pharaoh
Pharaoh's Fury

If an enemy has been infected with all three types of secondary infections from Pharaoh's Plague, they will die immediately. Most abilities that are normally triggered upon the unit's death will not be activated.


The Sleeper of R'lyeh

Ulaos' and his summoned tentacles' attacks drain their enemies intelligence and cause additional divine damage that ignores their Physical Armor. The more an enemy's intelligence is drained, the higher the damage they receive will be. When an enemy's intelligence drops to 0 they will enter a deranged state that will cause the enemy to see a hallucination of Ulaos, mocking them. The affected enemy target will deal less damage to Ulaos the lower his intelligence falls.

Key of Purpose

max health: +3000magic armor: +150physical armor: +150


Bloodthirsty Werewolf
Wolf's Rage

Allies who are affected by control abilities gain additional Physical and Magic Armor. In addition, each time an allied unit is affected by a control ability, Ulfang increases his Physical Attack for for the duration of the wave (can only be triggered twice per allied unit).


Paper Doll
Corrupted Blades

At the beginning of the battle, Ursula gets a permanent buff: 30% of her Physical Crit Rating is transformed into Magic Crit Rating, 15% of Magic Attack is transferred into Physical Attack and 120% of Ursula's Physical Pierce Rating is transferred to her Magic Pierce Rating. A pair of scissors is then summoned above a random enemies' head. Once the enemy expends more than 1000 Energy the scissors fly downwards causing massive damage to the enemy.

Blood Curse

max health: +1000magic armor: +150physical armor: +150physical attack: +150


Centaur Warrior
Delayed Reaction

Valan gains some extra Physical Armor. In addition, when he takes a large amount of damage, part of the damage will not affect him immediately. Instead, it will affect him gradually over time. When Valan activates his ultimate, this damage-over-time will stop.

Sky Axe

max health: +1500physical armor: +150physical attack: +150physical hit bonus: +40


Ethereal Archer
Archer's Blessing

Enhanced attributes, enhanced Physical Pierce Rating.

Ethereal War Bow

max health: +3500magic armor: +120physical armor: +120physical attack: +180physical hit bonus: +30


The Goddess of Beauty
Attack Boost

Enhancing your attributes will increase your Physical Attack.

Poseidon's Melody

max health: +3800magic attack: +150physical armor: +120physical attack: +180


Ancient Treant

While using “Weapons of the Forest”, Vernos will upgrade Poisonblooms to Iceblooms. When the Poisonblooms are upgraded, they will regain all of their Health, as well as increase their Physical Attack, Physical Hit Bonus and Attack Speed. When the Iceblooms shoot poison at enemies, it will also have a Slowing effect that can be stacked until the enemy is completely Frozen.

Autumn Leaf

max health: +2000magic armor: +60magic attack: +60physical armor: +110


Wasp Mercenary
Side Effect

Whenever Slow Poison depletes enemy Health, Vespix will regain some Health and Energy.


Noble Vampire
Vampire's Touch

Enemies struck by any of Vincent's attacks will be poisoned, meaning they have reduced lifesteal and healing spells will be less effective on them.


Thunderbolt Wielder

When Volt is killed, the electricity contained in his body shoots into his enemies, causing all of them to lose some of their Energy.


Invisible Threat

Whenever one of Vulko's attacks has a "bloodbath" effect, Vulko will earn one point. Once he earns two points, he will unleash a devastating physical attack.

Blade of Darkness

max health: +1100physical armor: +30physical attack: +200physical pierce rating: +60

Wonder Woman

Princess of Themyscira
Peaceful Hero

Wonder Woman is able to effectively block flying projectiles and has a chance to rebound the projectiles back towards the enemy. (Does not block ultimates).

Olympian Regalia

max health: +2000dodge rating: +25physical armor: +50physical attack: +350


Shape Shifter
Mana Overload

Wraxius and other heroes with the Arcane Staff will have increased Magic Attack.


Scourge of the Sands
Insectoid Carapace

Heroes that possess an Insectoid symbol receive reduced Physical Damage.


The Elimintor
Self Banishment

Just before Zander dies, he banishes himself to another dimension, which causes him to be unable to use physical attacks or receive physical damage. As soon as Zander enters the banished state, he triggers a deadly explosion. Zander will then die after a period of time or after being dealt two magic attacks.


Zombie Emperor
Putrid Slime

Zem's attacks will all have a slowing effect upon the enemy.

Eternal Heart

max health: +1500magic armor: +150magic attack: +100physical armor: +150


Armor Enhancement

Enhancing your attributes will increase your Physical Armor.


max health: +3800magic armor: +150physical armor: +120physical attack: +180