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Nature's Protector"Where's the bald tree-killer? I'll beat you off the earth!"
Backline DPS: summon the pet to resist damage and attack the enemy, and can strengthen the pet during battle.


Source: Viability List
5Recommended for using
4Can be used
3Situative use
2Can't be used in some places
1Not suitable for use
Gladiator Arena
Crucible of Fire
Hall of Legends
Prophecy Pool
Sky Fortress
Chaos Tower


List of Badges
Rider's BlessingThose who possess the mount symbol will receive a health increase.
BeautyFemale allies of heroes that possess the Female symbol will receive a Physical Attack increase.
Mana OverloadWraxius and other heroes with the Arcane Staff will have increased Magic Attack.
Sorceress' MedallionHeroes owning a sorceress' medallion will have their Magic Pierce rating buffed while Awakened Sylphi is on the field.

Positioning / Back Line

Stats growth

Physical Attack8.310
Magic Attack1214.4
Physical Armor910.8
Magic Armor9.211


Full Restore

Full Restore

Aife leeches the enemy's health to plant seeds that grow into bombs and damage the enemy. If the opponent is tangled in a giant vine when the seed explodes, they will suffocate to sleep, take more damage, and have reduced physical and magic resistance during this time. The sleep length is determined by Aife spell's strength. The power of life will also make the bears violent and gain 2 times attack power.

Natural Growth

Natural Growth

When the Aife enters the battlefield, she summons her bear. The bear can attack and shares the half damage taken by Aife. Using skills and normal attacks can restore energy to Aife according to the bear's physical attack power. Each time you use this skill, the Aife can make the bear grow; increasing the health, attack, and defense properties of the bear. This effect can occur 5 times. When the bear cub is dead, he will heal slowly in place. After a few seconds, his health will fully recover and return to the battlefield.

Evolution Power

Evolution Power

After the bear grows to the 3rd level, he gains a passive skill: [Bloodborne] For every 10,000 damage the hero receives per game, the bear increases its physical damage by 4%, and grows up to 4000%. After growing to 5th level, he gains active skill [Nature's Roar]. The bear release roar damages all enemies and gains timidity, reducing physical and magical damage by 25%, while keeping all teammates firm and halved by the distance.

Earthen Fury

Earthen Fury

Aife summons giant vines to constrict all enemies. For a certain period of time, the constricted enemy characters lose health continuously. The bear increases its health accordingly.

Physical Strength

Physical Strength


Take advantage of the power of nature in the battlefield and increase your life.

Lingering Dumpling Odo

Lingering Dumpling Odo


When using the Aife's Bamboo Forest Siren skin, her bear grows twice as fast to its max size.

Talent Tree: DisciplineView academy skills description.

Silence ResistanceSilence Resist+4% at lvl 5
Final StruggleKill Bonus Resistance+7% at lvl 5
Battle SorceryMagic Crit Rating+24 at lvl 5
Explosive MagicMagic Pierce Rating+17.5 at lvl 5
Damage ResistancePhysical Resistance+5% at lvl 5
StealthMagic Resistance+5% at lvl 5
Mystic ArtsMagic Armor+80 at lvl 5
Armor CraftingPhysical Armor+80 at lvl 5
General TacticsAbility Level+5 at lvl 5
Spell ResistanceSpell Recovery Time+21% at lvl 5
ForcefieldsHit Recovery Time+22% at lvl 5

Talent Tree: ResolveView academy skills description.

Defensive TacticsPhysical Toughness+8% at lvl 5
BlessingMagic Toughness+8% at lvl 5
Physical ConditioningMax Health+1500 at lvl 5
Healing SpellsHealth Recovery+1000 at lvl 5
Dark MagicMagic Crit Damage+12% at lvl 5
Offensive SpellsMagic Attack+100 at lvl 5
Spell MasteryEnergy Recovery+120 at lvl 5
Energy RegenerationEnergy Bonus+11% at lvl 5
Elemental MasteryEnergy Efficiency+5% at lvl 5
Healing PotionsHealing Ratio+10.5% at lvl 5
Evasive ManeuversDodge Rating+34.5 at lvl 5

Recommended pets

Mutant RabbitSupreme
MiaoLegendaryMiao can simultaneously increase her owner's magic abilities and survivability.
CorvusRareCan increase his owner's magic potency and survivability.
FlapperUncommonGives their master increased Magic Armor.

Tarot Set Bonuses


Time Under ControlActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

The Hierophant

Physical ArmorActive Mantra Set Bonus
Per Card

Aife Awakening

Quest 2Valley of the Broken Halberd

Aife must complete Valley of the Broken Halberd 5 times
Extreme+ Difficulty