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Who to buy from shops: Hall of Legends

July 28, 2017

Original article by floppybeef

Please keep in mind that ratings here are supposed to convey the Heroes' purchasability from shops, not necessarily their overall usefulness. This means that a B+ in the Hall of Legends shop carries a different weight than a B+ rating in the Crucible of Fire shop. If multiple Heroes within the same shop share a rating, they will be listed in order of priority. Take this post with a grain of salt as this is heavily influenced by my personal opinions and experiences. I've tried to go with the general consensus, and I will to the best of my ability make it clear where my knowledge is lacking.

Do not ever EVER focus a Hero to 7 stars until you've reached a very specific point. For most shops, taking a Hero from 6 stars to 7 stars is literal months of farming, and more importantly, months of ignoring other valuable Heroes. In the time it takes you to get a Hero from 6 to 7 stars, you could have gotten another Hero from 3 to 6 stars. So please, focus your Heroes to 6 stars, then move on to someone else. If the Hero you're working on is a 2-star Base, get the rest of their soulstones from Gold Chests.

Last Updated: August 6th, 2017

Malrath (A+)

Malrath is a pretty unique Hero. He's a tank with a lot of offensive capabilities, a lot of lifesteal, and he's able to deal "unblockable" damage. His Awakening is fairly unique as well, in that it makes him more effective against Female enemies. He's pretty beastly with a decent amount of stars, but he's only useful in Arena right now.

Tareth (B)

A good Frontliner with good damage and good sustain, she's very handy for the Female Dojo and Firehawk Prophecy Pool, and she's very good for Legendary Kong and decent on Hurok.

Arcturus (B+)

He's mostly useless for a large portion of the game, but once Awakened he is an absolute monster in Arena. Very hard to kill, good crowd-control effects, dishes out a decent amount of damage, and helps increase your entire team's survivability. You'll find him on a lot of endgame PvP defense setups. Also useful for Polaris Prophecy Pool.

Tanya (B+)

She's awesome in PvP (damn near required for much of the game), she can be very valuable in Crucible, and she's a necessity for several Hall of Legends and Raid bosses. Useful for the Firehawk Prophecy Pool as well. She's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning her Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Li Twins (B)

The absolutely best healer endgame aside from Lingling, and she's barely qualified as a healer. These girls have some amazing survivability because of their Ultimate. They've got several healing abilities that also do damage, and they're able to reduce an enemy's attack. Still useful on a couple Hall of Legends Bosses, they're fantastic for Giant Havoc and Polaris Prophecy Pools, and great for Female Dojo.

Gizmo (B)

Definitely one of the strongest Backline Heroes in the game. Puts out insane amounts of damage and is good in just about every game mode. Useful for several Hall of Legends bosses, very good in PvP and extremely useful for Crucible. He's been eclipsed by Sylphi, but if you don't have access to her, Gizmo is a fantastic option.

Cara (B-)

Similar to Gizmo in terms of usefulness. Huge single-target damage with amazing crowd-control, useful on several Hall of Legends bosses and one of the few non-Awakened Heroes you'll find in the endgame PvP meta. Despite first appearances do not bring her to Polaris or Deathcrawler Prophecy Pool; for the former, she's not actually a flyer, and for the latter, he is immune to the damage from her Ultimate because he's immune to Control effects. She's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning her Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Konrad (B-)

A decent tank with an absolutely massive Health pool and decent damage, but very reliant on stars. I wouldn't worry about bringing him up for endgame until you've got at least 6 stars on him, as he's only used for Arena.

Havoc (B-)

Great Hero with a great Awakening. Does a whole lot of AoE Magic damage and is a great counter to Physical Heroes, but not useful for anything outside of PvP and Polaris Prophecy Pool. Do not use him for Crucible, since there's a good chance he'll kill one of your Heroes.

Nightshade (C)

An extremely strong endgame Hero. Decent for PvP, great for Raids and alright in a couple Hall of Legends. She's very strong even at three stars, but has been effectively pushed out of the meta.

Gus (C+)

Only useful right now in PvP, but hindered by the fact that he needs his opponents to be mostly physical Heroes to live up to his full potential. Still, a very good Hero that is hard to kill and deals a good amount of damage. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Cyana (D-)

I have no experience with her yet, though her kit is interesting. Synergizes very well with Shirley, Arachna, Killjoy, etc. Very useful for Gizmo Prophecy Pool. Even with her Awakening and recent balance adjustments, it seems she just doesn't have the damage to warrant a spot in PvP. She's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning her Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.
Balance adjustments from the July 13th 2017 update: Increased Toxic Blast's damage-over-time; Increased Lethal Defender's damage-over-time; Increased Physical Armor reduction of Poison Lily.

Crusher (F)

A pretty bad tank for any stage of the game, his kit is just extremely scattered. Useful for the Firehawk Prophecy Pool, but by no means necessary. He needs a really good Awakening to bring him out of mediocrity.