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Who to buy from shops: Guild Emporium

July 27, 2017

Original article by floppybeef

Please keep in mind that ratings here are supposed to convey the Heroes' purchasability from shops, not necessarily their overall usefulness. This means that a B+ in the Hall of Legends shop carries a different weight than a B+ rating in the Crucible of Fire shop. If multiple Heroes within the same shop share a rating, they will be listed in order of priority. Take this post with a grain of salt as this is heavily influenced by my personal opinions and experiences. I've tried to go with the general consensus, and I will to the best of my ability make it clear where my knowledge is lacking.

Do not ever EVER focus a Hero to 7 stars until you've reached a very specific point. For most shops, taking a Hero from 6 stars to 7 stars is literal months of farming, and more importantly, months of ignoring other valuable Heroes. In the time it takes you to get a Hero from 6 to 7 stars, you could have gotten another Hero from 3 to 6 stars. So please, focus your Heroes to 6 stars, then move on to someone else. If the Hero you're working on is a 2-star Base, get the rest of their soulstones from Gold Chests.

Guild Shop tokens will generally feel as scarce as Arena tokens. They're a good incentive to keeping Guilds full and active. More Guild members equals more GP, which equals more Raids, which equals more tokens for everyone.

Last Updated: August 6th, 2017

Jasmine (A-)

Easily goes onto any team. Best outright healer in the game so far, she will be one of your most valuable assets for the majority of the game but becomes mostly useless after level 90 or so. If you're having trouble with Crucible, rush her. If you don't have her, hire one. Useful for Havoc Prophecy Pool, indispensable in Female and Magic Dojo, and might even take a spot in a couple Hall of Legends bosses.

Avior (B+)

I'm a big fan of Avior. He's got a great mix of offensive and defensive abilities. He can put out a decent amount of damage and help your entire team's survivability. He's not much use outside of PvP and Polaris Prophecy Pool though, and sadly he's competing with a lot of good Heroes in the Guild Shop.

Mirielle (B+)

I think she requires at least 6 Stars and her Awakening to be viable in PvP, but once you have that she should be pretty great. I have no experience with her personally, but I've heard and seen some very good things.

Driller (B)

Don't have much experience with Driller. She's an interesting tank that can do some crazy damage to the backline. I've seen her used very effectively in certain endgame PvP compositions, but not sure how she performs before then. Think of her as an armored Xanos. Unfortunately, she doesn't have any uses outside of PvP as far as I know (besides Female Dojo).

Firehawk (B)

A good pickup for early to mid-game. Very easily countered in Arena at later levels, but still amazingly powerful. Unfortunately, that's about his only use (for now) besides Polaris Prophecy Pool. He can also be used to cheese Giant Havoc Prophecy Pool, but this strategy requires an Awakened Dokras.

Bloodspear (B)

While not a great Hero for Campaign or PvP, he excels in long fights with single targets, and for those, he is as useful as Garrick. Used to be an absolutely necessity for Hall of Legends, but has fallen out of that meta recently due to Lingling and Sylphi. Still a great option if you don't have access to either of those Heroes. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests. In addition, he is currently one of only two Heroes in the Guild Shop that are not 3-stars, meaning there are a handful of other options that aren't readily available elsewhere.

Alice (B-)

Don't have much experience with her yet but she's supposed to be a very good Magic tank with good survivability and decent damage. Useful for Female Dojo and PvP.

Lars (B-)

Sees absolutely no play outside of PvP, and even that is rare (though maybe we'll see more now that he's more available). Supposedly he is able to do a massive amount of damage, but I don't have much experience with him personally.

Killjoy (C+)

Fringe PvP play on par with Enrique but can be great in the right composition. Very useful for Gizmo Prophecy Pool. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Dina (C+)

Having trouble against Zem? Apparently, Dina is your answer. Don't have much experience with her myself, but I've seen her perform decently in PvP. Unfortunately, that's about her only use for now unless you really need a tank for Female Dojo... But you've got Driller in the same shop and she serves the same role.

Slim (C)

The meta has shifted away from single-target Physical Damage. Even where that's still a thing, there are too many Heroes that do Slim's job better, even with his Awakening.

Alastair (C)

Really only useful for Deathcrawler Prophecy Pool nowadays.

Wraxius (C-)

Only useful right now in Crucible, where stealing an enemy Jasmine ult is extremely relevant, especially if you don't have a Jasmine of your own. Unfortunately, he's too squishy for PvP, and the randomness of his ult means you'll whiff more often than not. Hope to see this guy back in the spotlight once he gets his Awakening.
Balance adjustments from the May 11th 2017 update: Damage done by Netherworld Shock increased by 15% and ability now has a Physical Attack reduction effect. Max Health is boosted and Physical Armor increased by 10%.
Hey, they made him less squishy! That's great for his Arena viability, and the Physical Attack reduction on his ability might make him decent against certain compositions. However, the randomness of his ultimate in Arena is still a huge drawback.