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Who to buy from shops: Epic Arena

August 03, 2017

Original article by floppybeef

Please keep in mind that ratings here are supposed to convey the Heroes' purchasability from shops, not necessarily their overall usefulness. This means that a B+ in the Hall of Legends shop carries a different weight than a B+ rating in the Crucible of Fire shop. If multiple Heroes within the same shop share a rating, they will be listed in order of priority. Take this post with a grain of salt as this is heavily influenced by my personal opinions and experiences. I've tried to go with the general consensus, and I will to the best of my ability make it clear where my knowledge is lacking.

Do not ever EVER focus a Hero to 7 stars until you've reached a very specific point. For most shops, taking a Hero from 6 stars to 7 stars is literal months of farming, and more importantly, months of ignoring other valuable Heroes. In the time it takes you to get a Hero from 6 to 7 stars, you could have gotten another Hero from 3 to 6 stars. So please, focus your Heroes to 6 stars, then move on to someone else. If the Hero you're working on is a 2-star Base, get the rest of their soulstones from Gold Chests.

The Epic Arena Shop is unique in that you earn tokens passively.

Last Updated: August 20th, 2017

Serafine (A)

Used to be one of the best Heroes in the game with her absolutely insane damage. Still very relevant for many areas. She's damn near required for Deathcrawler and Polaris Prophecy Pools, she's still good for multiple Hall of Legends bosses, she's amazing in Arena, amazing in Crucible, Magic and Female Dojo... Serafine is an easy inclusion in almost any aspect of the game.

Daphne (B+)

Pretty much strictly for Arena, Daphne is a great asset for almost any team. Use her for her speed buff with Heroes that are already somewhat bursty and you will not be disappointed.

Sagar (B+)

Sagar is amazing for PvP, but unfortunately that's about it. Now that we have his Soulstones available, I'm convinced we'll be seeing a lot of him (unfortunately). He's able to put out a ton of damage, especially once Awakened, and his Control effects are insane. Between his five of abilities, he can: reduce enemy Magic Crit Rating, reduce enemy Physical Crit Rating, silence, stun, reduce enemy Magic Armor (from two separate abilities), reduce enemy Physical Armor, reduce enemy Movement Speed, and reduce enemy Attack Speed... absolutely ridiculous. And that's all in addition to his damage. Plus, he's a Backline DPS, so he's relatively safe, and his Ultimate targets the enemy with the highest Physical Attack, so he can theoretically protect himself from the likes of Tanya and Vulko.

Lumos (B+)

Very unique Hero. He's classified as a support/healer but can put out a lot of damage. Very strong in Arena at all levels, not terribly useful for other game modes. He can be used in Polaris Prophecy Pool, but he's not great for it. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Garrick (B)

He used to be one of the best Heroes in the game before the meta-shift that came with Sylphi, Lingling, and Goram. Still an absolute powerhouse. If you don't have access to Sylphi, he is a decent substitute for almost every Hall of Legend boss, especially if Awakened. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests. Take him to 6 stars, but don't spend valuable Epic Arena tokens on him until you've got the other must-have Heroes in a good spot.

Dr. Zeno (B)

Awesome PvP Hero but that's about it for now. His Awakening has given him the much-needed defensive boost he needed to be Arena-viable as he puts out a ton of AoE damage, and his global Magic Armor buff is nothing to sneeze at. Not particularly good for Campaign or Crucible because of the nature of his ult. Good for Firehawk Prophecy Pool. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Baltor (B)

A back-line physical Hero who can target the enemy's backline, he's pretty unique and generally ignored by most players. Currently, one of the few Heroes in Epic Arena Shop that you cannot unlock through gold chests. His Awakening seems very good, and I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him (in PvP) soon.

Riley (B-)

A decent tank through most of the game, she's invaluable if you're having trouble 3-starring any tricky Campaign stages. Very good in Crucible, she can serve as a primary tank while still putting out a whole lot of damage. Not quite good enough for endgame PvP. She's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning her Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Solomon (B-)

An interesting Hero, he's a backline DPS with a couple of control effects and a couple of support effects. He will only see play in PvP, and even there you probably won't see too much of him. Epic Arena tokens are the next easiest to come by after Crucible tokens, so you should be able to work on him eventually (or just buy him on the occasion that you see him if you don't refresh your shop heavily), but I would not make him a priority.
Balance adjustments from the June 15th 2017 update: When Solomon's ability Spotlight transforms an enemy into a goblin: goblins will no longer self-destruct when killed; self-destruct affected area has been reduced; the amount of damage done by the goblin's self-destruct will be proportional to its remaining health.

Magdor (C-)

Another Hero with a unique mechanic. I only have experience with his Dot Arena iteration, but I have yet to see him used effectively. He's the type of Hero that requires you to build your squad around him. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.
Balance adjustments from the May 11th 2017 update: While in Dragon form, Energy Recovery increased by 10%, damage dealt increased by 30%. 
Unfortunately, this is probably not enough to make him a very viable Hero, but we'll see.