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Who to buy from shops: Arena

July 26, 2017

Original article by floppybeef

Please keep in mind that ratings here are supposed to convey the Heroes' purchasability from shops, not necessarily their overall usefulness. This means that a B+ in the Hall of Legends shop carries a different weight than a B+ rating in the Crucible of Fire shop. If multiple Heroes within the same shop share a rating, they will be listed in order of priority. Take this post with a grain of salt as this is heavily influenced by my personal opinions and experiences. I've tried to go with the general consensus, and I will to the best of my ability make it clear where my knowledge is lacking.

Do not ever EVER focus a Hero to 7 stars until you've reached a very specific point. For most shops, taking a Hero from 6 stars to 7 stars is literal months of farming, and more importantly, months of ignoring other valuable Heroes. In the time it takes you to get a Hero from 6 to 7 stars, you could have gotten another Hero from 3 to 6 stars. So please, focus your Heroes to 6 stars, then move on to someone else. If the Hero you're working on is a 2-star Base, get the rest of their soulstones from Gold Chests.

The Arena Shop is probably the most important shop in which to manage your purchases carefully. Even placing relatively high for the daily reset regularly, you won't find you have a surplus of Arena tokens.

Last Updated: August 20th, 2017

Nilya (A+)

Very squishy, but she's got some amazing Control abilities and insanely good damage. She's probably only going to see play in PvP, maybe a select few Raids, but she is very good there especially at higher stars.

Xanos (A)

A true manzilla, this beast will carry you through just about anything. If you're having trouble finishing Crucible runs, unlocking Xanos should be your top priority. He's great for PvP, though he's very easily countered by certain Heroes, or really any team running a decent amount of crowd-control; use him offensively rather than defensively. Useful in the Gizmo Prophecy Pool.

Valan (B+)

Now that we finally have access to Valan, I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him in Arena. His shield is fantastic against a burst-heavy meta, with Heroes that try to kill you before the fight has even begun such as Nilya and Vulko. He's docked a few points for being a 2 Star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Jasper (B)

Jasper is awesome. Strictly for PvP as far as I'm concerned, but he's got a ton of Dodge and puts out a lot of damage. He's basically a Magic Ezio. He's docked a few points for being a 2 Star Hero, meaning his soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Ethera (B-)

She's decent in PvP at almost all levels, especially once Awakened. She is not very useful for any Hall of Legends Bosses or Raids, and can be easily countered in Arena if your opponent knows you run her. Make use of her in Epic Arena or on offense teams. Very useful for Firehawk Prophecy Pool and Female Dojo. She is good throughout the game, and is a decent inclusion for any Campaign or Crucible team. Not a priority though unless you plan on Awakening her and purchasing her Ability Skin.

Namtar (B-)

I don't have any personal experience with Namtar aside from the occasional Mercenary Camp hire, but many players swear by him. Just keep in mind that he only becomes truly viable once Awakened, and there are many Heroes that even Namtar-enthusiasts would say take priority over him. He was okay for Hall of Legends once upon a time, but has been pushed out of that meta. He's hard to kill in PvP, but doesn't put out enough damage in my opinion. He's great for the Polaris Prophecy Pool. He's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning his Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Vespix (C+)

At first glance Vespix looks like he'd be a Midliner, but he's actually a Frontline DPS. Low defenses but very high Health, his ability package comes with a good bit of extra survivability for him, as he takes reduced damage and can regain health in various ways. While his Physical stats aren't extraordinary, his abilities are all buffed against targets he's used Slow Poison on. He's an interesting little guy but he needs a little something extra before we start to see any more of him in PvP. He's very useful for Giant Firehawk Prophecy Pool, but don't bring him to Polaris; he might glide into battle, and yes he does have wings, but he does not qualify as a flyer. If you're buying his Soulstones, its going to be for PvP.

Enrique (C-)

He's decent at lategame PvP where his ultimate is incredibly strong, but he is next to useless in all other game modes. Don't expect to use him on any PvE teams anytime soon. He should be a very low priority as his Soulstones are readily available from Gold Chests. He even has a Campaign stage or two to farm if you're so inclined. His Awakening has turned him into that male healer that everyone's been wanting! But that should be very low on anyone's priority list.

Goblin Squad (D)

Still relatively untested. Should be a decent Backliner once you've gotten them up there in stars. Unfortunately, Arena currency is too scarce to spend frivolously. The fact that the Squad is a 2 star Hero and available in Gold Chests means you should save for more important additions.

Esabel (D-)

Currently only useful for Female Dojo, and even there she's suboptimal. She's docked a few points for being a 2 star Hero, meaning her Soulstones are available from Gold Chests.

Hanzo (F)

The poor man's Ezio. Absolutely useless at almost all stages of the game in his current state. Only buy him if you feel like flushing your hard-earned Arena tokens down the toilet. Even if you had every other Arena Shop Hero at 7 stars, I still wouldn't recommend wasting tokens on him. Actually, he is so bad right now, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a total overhaul eventually. He is the reigning meme king of Soul Hunters. You've been warned.
Balance adjustments from the May 11th 2017 update: Damage dealt by all abilities increased by 30%, Dodge increase from Way of the Ninja buffed by 50%.
Whether or not this is enough to make Hanzo viable remains to be seen, but I find it doubtful.